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Frequently Asked Questions: Staff Loan – Home Loan Offer

OFFER PERIOD – The offer is valid till 31st March 2023

  1. What is the offer
    The staff loan offer is a commercial loan, offered at concessional and competitive pricing. The staff members can avail of the special pricing and fees as depicted in the table below. The interest rates being offered are as below:

    May 2023 6.50% 2.20% 8.70% NIL
  1. Whom does the staff loan offer apply to?
    The staff loan offer applies to all permanent employees of Standard Chartered Bank, India (“Bank”) Staff and Standard Chartered  Subsidiary Staff. The staff must be one of the co-borrowers on the loan.
  1. What kind of borrowings do the staff loan offer cover?
    The offer covers home loan and home loan top-ups secured against residential properties at locations mentioned in point 15 below.
  1. Does it apply for Balance Transfer?
    Yes, balance transfer of an existing loan from competition is also covered in this offer.
  1. How do I apply for the loan?
    You can share your interest using one of the below approaches:

    • Reverting to the SMS / EDM as instructed
    • Writing to us on Mortgages.India@sc.com
    • Reaching out to your Relationship Manager
  1. Can I apply through a DSA channel / Referral?
    This Offer is available for staff applications for home loans made directly to the Bank.  Any application for a staff home loan received through referral agents or direct selling agents shall be processed at standard rates for salaried customers, and not at Home Loan Rate
  1. Till when can I avail of this offer, is it a limited period offer?
    Yes, it is a limited period offer available till 31st May 2023. Any extension of the offer is at the sole discretion of the Bank.
  1. Is there a premium rate for Home Saver facility?
    While competition charges a premium rate of @ 25bps to 50bps, the staff offer does not charge a premium on homesaver facility availed by the staff along with the home loan facility.
  1. Can I expect a lower pricing if I do not want to avail of the Home Saver facility?
    The Staff pricing includes HomeSaver facility without a premium and therefore the said rate is as low as it could get.  No further concessions are budgeted, and shall be consistent for all staff members.
  1. Is the rate of interest at a fixed rate or a variable rate?
    The margin above the benchmarked “Repo Rate” of 2.20% shall remain constant unless there is a breach of agreement terms, change in risk profile.
  1. What is the benchmark rate for my home loan and how will my home loan rate change in the future?
    Your margin of 2.20% over the current Repo Rate may change, if there is a breach of agreement terms, change in risk profile.
  1. What are the processing fees that need to be paid?
    The Bank under this offer is not charging any processing fees and is bearing the technical and legal verification costs in the approved locations mentioned at point 15.  However, any statutory charges, duties, taxes payable at the time of disbursement and servicing need to be borne by the staff.
  1. In certain states, statutory charges like stamp duty etc. are applicable for loans, will the bank bear those costs?
    Any statutory charges, duties, taxes payable at the time of disbursement and servicing need to be borne by the staff.  The type of expenses to be borne by the customer include without limitation  – stamp duty, registration charges, MOD charges, franking charges, any lawyer fees if applicable etc.
  1. I have an existing loan with Standard Chartered Bank, will the offer apply to that as well?
    Yes, all existing home loans, upon written  request by the  Staff during the offer period, may be priced to the offer rate without any charges, on a prospective basis.  However, no retrospective reversal requests will be considered.
  1. What should be the location of the residential property to be secured with the Bank under the staff offer?
    Approved Locations
    Delhi Ahmedabad Cochin/Ernakulam
    Mumbai/Thane Jaipur Rajkot
    Bangalore Surat Nagpur
    Hyderabad Coimbatore Chandigarh
    Pune Indore Bhopal
    Chennai Kolkata Baroda
  1. What is the applicable charge on the top up loan offering?
    Top-Up loans upto  home loan outstanding shall be offered at Home Loan rate and exposures above this will be termed as a LAP and LAP rates will apply.Illustrations:

    Original Home Loan Loan Oustanding Top UP Loan Rate applicable
    100 90 20 HL RATE
    100 50 40 HL RATE
    100 50 60 LAP RATE
    100 20 30 LAP RATE

    LAP = Loan Against property.