Additional Features

Find out how Breeze Mobile Web revolves around you and your needs

See Your Money

Use the couple of extra minutes before your train arrives to check in on your finances. Quick and easy access to your accounts lets you track your money and stay in control.

calender Calendar

Wish you could keep better track of your bank account activities? Our Calendar helps you monitor your past and future transactions by week or month.

list List

Prefer to view your transactions in an orderly list format? List lets you check all the important details for each transaction and even shows you your available balance.

wallpaper Day and Night Wallpaper

Breeze's intelligent wallpaper changes to match the time of day - blue skies and fluffy white clouds during the day and a starry sky at night.

mailBox MailBox Integration

View and send mails directly to bank using Breeze Mobile Web

breeze Personalisation

Personalise names and icons visible on Breeze Mobile Web

Move your money

Do more with your precious time. Breeze Mobile Web lets you transfer funds, pay bills and even book movie tickets whenever you've got a moment to spare.

pay bills Pay bills on the go

No more queuing up at payment machines for your bills. Breeze lets you settle payments wherever and whenever you want.

Transfers on the moveTransfers on the move

Breeze Mobile Web lets you bank wherever you are.

Transfers on the movePre Paid Mobile Topup

Topup any prepaid mobile phones using Breeze Mobile Web

Manage your money

Take charge of your finances with Breeze Mobile Web. A range of simple yet powerful functions makes it easy to monitor and manage your money wherever you are.

Easy, single accessEasy, single access

Breeze Mobile Web lets you transact wherever you are.

Easy, single accessConvert to EMI

Convert eligible credit card transactions to EMI

How to Access

For all mobile devices
Type on your phone browser to access Breeze Mobile Web on your mobile device
You can also download Breeze Mobile Web wrapped application from

  • App Store Side
  • Google play side


    • What is Breeze Mobile Web?

      Breeze Mobile Web allows you to access Standard Chartered Bank's Online Banking through your mobile devices. Breeze Mobile Web will enable you to seamlessly access and transact from any mobile devices that you may have

    • How do I enable GPRS on my phone?

      Your mobile network operator will be able to set up GPRS on your mobile phone.

    • Breeze Mobile Web really easy to use, but is it secure?

      Definitely. Breeze Mobile Web offers the same bank-grade security that you've come to expect from us. We use industrial strength encryption to protect you and your data. We want to remind you, however, to always keep your username and password strictly confidential. With your vigilance and our strong encryption, your bank account will be kept safe and secure.

    • How do I know if my handset is supported?

      Breeze Mobile Web is supported on almost all the Smart Phones and tablet devices in the country. Supported Mobile phone browsers include

      • Android - OS 2.3.3 and above
      • iPhone - iOS5 and above
      • Blackberry - 6 and above
      • Windows Phone - Windows7.8 and above
      • Symbian Series - Symbian S60v3 and above

    • If someone gets hold of my phone, can they access my personal banking details?

      As long as your online banking login information is secure, your accounts are secure.

    • What username and password do I use?

      You can use your existing online banking username and password to log in. We've made sure, for simplicity and convenience that you don't have to remember another set of username and password to use Breeze Mobile Web. If you don't have an online banking UserID and password, you can register online at or visit one of our branches.

    • Are there any charges for using Breeze Mobile Web?

      The bank does not impose any charges for using Breeze Mobile Web. However, you would need to pay your mobile phone service provider for the internet usage while accessing Breeze Mobile Web, depending on your phone plan.

    • I notice there are See and Move tabs in Breeze Mobile Web. Tell me more!

      See and Move are just two of Breeze's cool features designed to simplify your banking experience. See is where you can view your bank accounts and their transaction history, while Move is where you can make fund transfers and bill payments. No jargon, just simplicity and efficiency.

    • Will the payees that I've added in Online Banking show up in Breeze Mobile Web too?


    • How do I add/remove payees?

      You cannot add/remove payees through Breeze Mobile Web. You can sign into your account through online banking and then add/remove payees through there.

    • Why aren't my credit card transactions appearing in Calendar or List?

      If you've just made the transaction, it won't appear in your Calendar or List so soon. Credit card transactions take a few business days to process, so please check again later!

    • Is there a limit on the amount that I can transfer using Breeze Mobile Web?

      The Limits on Breeze Mobile Web is same as that of Online Banking. Login to Online Banking to check the limits applicable to you.

    • Why are some services not available on Breeze Mobile Web?

      Requests for Cheque Book, Duplicate statement, Prepaid mobile Topup, Apply for EMI, Profiles and ATM/ Branch locator are currently not available on Breeze Mobile Web.

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