• What is a Structured Deposit?

      • A structured deposit is essentially a combination of a deposit and an investment product, where the return is dependent on the performance of some underlying financial instrument.
      • Typical financial instruments linked to such deposits include market indices, equities, interest rates, fixed-income instruments, foreign exchange or a combination of these.

    • Why invest in Structured Deposit?

      • Low to medium risk appetite
      • Return of principal (subject to conditions)
      • Potentially higher returns/yields as compared to traditional fixed deposits
      • Diversification into the underlying financial instruments
      • Readily available in different tenors and underlying instruments subject to customers' needs and demands
      • No front-end fees or annual management fees

    • Who should invest in Structured Deposit?

      Investors who:

      • Have a medium to long investment time period
      • Want return of principal (subject to conditions)
      • Have a view on the outlook of the underlying investment

    • What should investors look out for when investing in Structured Deposits?

      • The tenor should suit your investment time horizon
      • Evaluate best and worst possible outcomes and compare against the return from a term deposit of equivalent tenor and with a bank of the same credit rating
      • Understand the underlying mechanics of the investments
      • The frequency of the coupon payout should suit your cash flow requirements
      • There is a penalty imposed when unwinding Structured Deposits

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