Diversity and inclusion for our customers

Diversity for our customers 

We're continually developing products and services that are aimed at meeting the needs of our diverse customer base. In some cases, this involves tailoring them to make them more appropriate and accessible.

Here are some of our tailored products:

  • Partially unsecured loans with lower interest rates for women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh and Malaysia
  • Our Diva account, which caters specifically to women’s needs with customised debit cards, discounts, benefits, and membership to the Diva club
  • Our Care4Ladies insurance plan for our women customers in Ghana, which provides coverage for maternity complications, hospitalisation and critical illnesses specific to women
  • The X Account for men in Kenya, which specifically caters to men with active lifestyles
  • Products specifically for children, such as My Dream Account. This is in several countries, and is aimed at helping families save, and manage their children's future financial needs.
  • Non-resident banking products, for example in Lebanon, which offer non-residents discounted remittance charges between markets, free correspondent banking, competitive conversion rates and free debit cards in multiple countries
  • Islamic banking products in accordance with Shariah principles to meet the needs of our large Islamic customer base
  • All-women branches in India and Sri Lanka which enable our female customers to discuss their financial and investment matters in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Talking ATMs in Korea, China, Indonesia and India, enabling our visually impaired customers to access relevant banking services with minimal assistance. 

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