Alternative Asset Group

Our Alternative Asset Group (AAG) delivers profitable, sophisticated and market-leading investment strategies to clients who are seeking total return (alpha) and diversification.

Our solutions are based on advanced, quantitative, model-based strategies that can be offered in principal-protected structures, giving clients upside potential while limiting downside risk.

Including AAG products in the portfolio increases diversification, as the strategies typically have low correlation to more traditional asset classes:

Products indexed to alternative assets

  • Low correlation to traditional asset classes
  • Opportunity for clients to earn greater returns and diversify investments

Proprietary, non-discretionary models

  • Trades exclusively dictated by proprietary models
  • Rules strictly adhered to
  • ‘Human element’ removed

Many products are principal-protected

  • Principal is guaranteed if held to maturity

We assume counterparty risk of all AAG trades

  • Clients have a strong credit partner in Standard Chartered
  • Clients gain exposure to new asset classes via rule-based indices

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Existing investor?

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