Islamic business banking

We value your commitment to achieve your business goals while being in line with your beliefs.

Whether you’re expanding your business internationally or looking for short-term financing to fund working capital, we can put together the right Shariah-compliant solutions for you.

Our dedicated Islamic banking team combines Shariah expertise with strong business acumen to offer you the best in Islamic financial services.

We offer comprehensive international banking services and a wide range of Shariah-compliant financial products based on Islamic values. Our team of relationship managers will discuss your requirements, offering tailored financial solutions to meet your specific needs.

Treasury and financial markets

We provide comprehensive international banking services and a wide range of investment, liquidity and risk management solutions based on Islamic values.

Coupled with our Islamic banking expertise, we capitalise on our onshore presence across Asia, Africa and the Middle East to offer convenient and reliable access to the widest range of currency markets to date, local market information, country-specific global investment and risk management strategies and customised liquidity management solutions.

Cash and trade

We offer a full suite of Shariah-compliant cash management solutions to complement your business and provide you the flexibility to manage your cash in line with your values. What's more, our international network can support you wherever you do business. Straight2Bank, our online channel, also provides you with convenient access to your cash statements and trade reports, as well as initiate payment and trade transactions.

The complexities of international trade can thwart even the most capable business. Therefore, partnering with an experienced bank can help your business sail its way safely through unfamiliar waters. Our full range of trade products can help your business achieve the maximum potential while keeping in line with your beliefs. 

Structured finance and capital markets

A dedicated Islamic origination and structuring team based in Dubai, working in close partnership with our global relationship and product teams, originates and executes Islamic structured transactions. We have acted in lead roles as advisor and arranger in syndicated Islamic facilities in across Asia and the Middle East.

Saadiq leverages our strong presence in emerging markets and the Bank's origination and distribution capabilities across products and geographies to ensure best execution and maximum distribution coverage for its clients. We are at the forefront of the sukuk market and are recognised as one of the market leaders in this field.

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