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Given the sheer pace of expansion of the renminbi (RMB) across international markets, we’re uniquely positioned to seize on new opportunities for trade and investment. Giving you first-mover advantage when it matters, whether you're an investor, a company or a financial institution.

Our deep roots in Asia, Africa and the Middle East give us an unrivalled breadth of perspective and depth of knowledge when it comes to spotting renminbi growth opportunities –growth that shows no signs of slowing.

And as the renminbi evolves, so do we. With our strong relationships with regulators, and deep understanding of the economies where we operate, we’re always quick to respond to market developments as they happen.

This helps us create truly pioneering solutions that continue to raise the bar for you and your business.

Our Renminbi Services For companies, banks, investors and public sector clients

Group meeting managing cash trade and securities transactions

Managing your cash, trade and securities transactions

Whatever your time zone, we have a full suite of renminbi cash management services including clearing, payments, account management and liquidity management.

We can help you settle your trade or finance your business in renminbi.

China is opening up its capital market. Let us support you to make the most of this development, with our suite of China access products and services, including connecting you to the RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII) scheme and the China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM).

Group meeting discussing currency options

Hedging, investing and raising capital

From currency options and cross-currency swaps to bespoke hedging and funding solutions, we offer a full suite of derivatives in renminbi to help manage your risk.

We can also provide you with a wide range of RMB-denominated investment products, including structured investments, commodities, credit and equity derivatives.

If you're an overseas investor approved by People’s Bank of China, we can help you access the China Interbank Bond Market, with corresponding onshore renminbi foreign exchange and interest rate hedging solutions.

If you're trading with a company in mainland China, we can offer you onshore or offshore renminbi foreign exchange. And should you need to issue renminbi denominated bonds - whether onshore or offshore - we can help manage the entire process, drawing on our years of expertise.

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“The time for talking is over. Renminbi internationalisation is happening now, and now is the time to get ahead and seize the advantage”

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