The future is bright: David’s story

David plays his part in a team developing and implementing high performance technology

David Ding, Senior Technical Manager, China

I’ve been working as part of the Technology Innovation Programme for the last two years where I have been able to see the value I bring to our organisation.  The programme was created to help our bank evolve in our digital landscape and serves as a platform for requirements and challenges that help us find the most suitable technology solutions. It provides an environment where ideas, concepts and technologies can be tested rapidly and rigorously, against real-world requirements to deliver change at pace.

I joined the bank after 10 years as a consultant.  The years of travel and being away from my family were beginning to add up and I was looking for a better balance to my work and home life.   I’ve always had a fascination with technology.  I find it amazing the way it can actually change people’s lives – whether it’s giving a person back more time, saving them money or giving them access to information that wasn’t available before.  I wanted to be the person developing this technology, and making the difference to people’s quality of life.  It is a very strong motivator.

“I wanted to be the person developing this technology, and making the difference to people’s quality of life“

I always start my design process in the shoes of the end user.  I consider how I would like to use it, and then I see what I can create around this.  It means always staying connected with the customer and putting their needs first which can create more challenges but the end result is always worth it. 

One of the most enjoyable programmes I worked on was creating a robot with artificial intelligence as a physical assistant in a Shanghai retail branch. Named Xiaomeng, it was able to introduce variable products to customers or even entertain clients when needed. Not only was this fun project, it also gave me the opportunity to work in cutting edge AI technology and it really added a point of difference for our customers.

Current and future projects are all based around finding new solutions and technology to help our customers – whether that’s creating a bespoke design for a corporate client who want to improve their own customer experience of financing and payment management or looking for new potentials in Blockchain.

Every day at work is different but I always leave satisfied that I’ve contributed to a positive legacy of technology infrastructure.

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