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Vinodhini – My hectic week and what I do to relax

Vinodhini Unnikrishnan from the T&I team tells us about her work schedule

My role is vital to ensure data quality management. It helps organisations leaders to make better decisions by using accurate and complete data. I’m a member of the data platforms team, handling data quality, managing and guiding the team I’m responsible for. I love working at Standard Chartered, I feel respected as an individual and have access to so many growth opportunities across the bank.  I love connecting with diverse people across lots of different countries and always had a childhood interest in Banking so I couldn't have asked for a better job! 


What advice would you give to someone looking to work at Standard Chartered? 

There are lots of opportunities within the Bank and scope to get involved in delivering new products and services.  

 How should someone prepare for an interview with Standard Chartered? 

Remember your subject matter expertise and be customer oriented.  

Are there any quotes you live and work by?  

Keep learning new things. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

To take care of my health. 


My typical week is varied and quite hectic! 

I begin the day by hurrying to complete my household chores. Get the office bus to work, join an agile meeting and then start my work. During breaks I enjoy quick coffee shots and walk in the corridor with colleagues.  In the evening, I return home on the office bus. There’s a lot of traffic, so to pass the time I like to count the traffic signals on the way home (yes, it’s a little weird!). After reaching home, I love spending time with my children and preparing dinner. I listen to music and then get a good night’s sleep.  The next day, I repeat it all again each day until the weekend.