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Global Head of Sustainable Finance

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Based in London, Daniel’s responsibilities include the Bank-wide Sustainable Finance strategy, developing new products and solutions, further incorporating environmental, social and governance considerations into banking decisions, and identifying sustainable finance opportunities for clients. His responsibilities also include the Bank’s Environmental and Social Risk Management team. Daniel is a member of the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership and the City of London Sustainable Development Capital Initiative steering groups. He also established and ran the UK India CEO Forum under the sponsorship of Prime Ministers David Cameron and Manmohan Singh, and previously worked as a visiting Fellow for Chatham House and the President of the European Parliament. He has a Masters in Business Administration from London Business School, a Certificate d’Etudes European from Science Po Strasbourg and a BA in economics and politics from Exeter University.

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The 50 Trillion Dollar Question: closing the emerging markets’ capital gap

There is a growing need to increase the investment in sustainable projects in emerging markets. But how do we make…

| 15 Dec 2020

Impact is more important than league tables

Driving sustainable finance to where it matters most is key to delivering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Fintech: moving the needle on sustainability

We explore how Fintech disruptors can help to reduce carbon emissions and open up new opportunities.

| 26 May 2020

Green to blue: The sustainable finance movement gains momentum

There is an increasing sense of urgency about putting the global economy on a path towards sustainable development.

| 19 Jul 2019

Is blue the new green?

How blue financing can support the fight against climate change

Explore our world | 5 Mar 2019

We can’t let the threat of terrorism halt the flow of aid money

Some banks are withdrawing support for charities because a minority have had ties to terrorism, but not banking them could…

Explore our world | 14 Nov 2017