Handing our shirt logo to Seeing is Believing

We swapped our logo for Seeing is Believing, to help raise awareness about avoidable blindness.


About the match

Liverpool FC players wore limited edition shirts on Monday 11 February in their match against West Brom to raise awareness about Seeing is Believing and avoidable blindness.

Money raised goes to Seeing is Believing

The shirts were all signed by the players and some were then auctioned off to raise money for Seeing is Believing. With our dollar for dollar matching, we raised an impressive US$23,039, which will be used to treat and prevent avoidable blindness.

The rest were given away as prizes to fans in our Perfect Match competition.

What makes us the Perfect Match?

Since becoming the main sponsor of Liverpool FC in 2010, we‘ve joined forces to raise awareness and funds for avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

We’ve worked together on lots of different activities such as global soccer clinics for visually impaired children across our markets, home game half time activities, and swapping our logo on the players’ shirts in two consecutive seasons to gain international exposure for Seeing is Believing.

What’s next?

World AIDS Day match

We teamed up with Liverpool FC to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.

More about the day

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Helping others to see

We've committed to raising USD100 million by 2020 to help tackle avoidable blindness.

About our programme

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