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Investing in girls can result in increased prosperity and diversity. Futuremakers' Goal programme uses sport, play and life-skills education to transform the lives of adolescent girls across our markets.

Goal equips girls with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to be economic leaders in their families and communities.

Created by Standard Chartered, Goal is designed for girls ages 12-18 who are living in underserved communities and is typically offered on a weekly basis, over the course of ten months.

Since its launch in 2006, Goal has grown into an internationally-recognised global movement operating in more than 20 markets. Implemented by organisations around the world, the programme teaches girls the critical facts about health, communication, rights and managing their personal finances in order to help them transform not just their own lives, but those of their families and  friends.

Between 2006 and mid-2022, the programme reached more than 821,000 girls and young women. Our target is to reach one million girls between 2006 and 2023.

In response to COVID-19 restrictions, Goal combined its sports-based sessions with a new digital curriculum delivered through phone, messaging, radio and online.

In 2022, we will focus on reaching more girls through Goal.

Women who are more educated are healthier, as are their children, who are more likely to attend school and study.

Gender equality is also critical for economic growth. If countries around the world could achieve gender parity, global annual GDP could increase by as much as $12 trillion by 2025.

Yet in many countries around the world, girls and young women are vulnerable or marginalised due to factors such as a lack of education, cultural bias, gender-based violence and poverty.

Women face most of these issues in adolescence, which limits their potential to learn, earn and grow as individuals.

Goal is our response to these challenges.

Case studies

Goal Stella Uganda 2019

Stella shines brightly

Stella is a business woman whose star is on the rise in Uganda. She has turned a US$300 loan from Goal’s Employability and Entrepreneurship (EE) Fund into a profitable brick-building company. Now, she plans to boost her skills with more training and to set up her next business venture, a bakery. The EE Fund has provided Goal alumni with opportunities to gain skills and set-up their own businesses since 2017. 

Goal Farzana Blue Scarf Pakistan 2019

Farzana is going places

Farzana did not have an easy childhood in Pakistan, but when she found Goal, she began to believe in herself and plan for her future. Today, she coaches the next generation of Goal girls to be confident and courageous like her. She uses her coaching stipend to pay for English and computer courses, and is honing her entrepreneurial skills through Goal so she can set up her own salon.

Soleha Sheikh picture goal

Soleha finds her voice

Thanks to Goal, Soleha is more confident speaking-up as a young Muslim woman in her family and at her school in Mumbai. At home, she has shared her financial knowledge with family members and persuaded them to give her and her cousin more freedom to work and play sport. At school, she has led conversations on important issues such as violence, HIV, menstruation and the environment.

Goal x LFCW

Watch this series to learn about the shared life lessons football has taught our Goal Programme alumni and Liverpool FC Women players.

Episode 1 – Self-Belief
Vicky from Uganda with Amalie Thestrup from LFCW

Episode 1 – Self-Belief
Vicky from Uganda with Amalie Thestrup from LFCW

Episode 2 – Independence
Asifa from Pakistan with Missy Bo Kearns and Ashley Hodgson from LFCW

Episode 2 – Independence
Asifa from Pakistan with Missy Bo Kearns and Ashley Hodgson from LFCW

Episode 3 – Be Bold
Damaris from Kenya with Taylor Hinds from LFCW

Episode 3 – Be Bold
Damaris from Kenya with Taylor Hinds from LFCW

The Goal curriculum

The Goal curriculum is available free of charge under a Creative Commons license. It is understood as a guideline and should be adapted to suit local context and need. The curriculum was designed by Standard Chartered in collaboration with the Population Council.

In 2021, the curriculum was updated with input from Goal implementing partners across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This curriculum is divided into four modules, and includes interactive and play-based activities focused on key life skills.

  • BE YOURSELF: Communication, building self-confidence and valuing what it means to ‘be a girl’
  • BE HEALTHY: General health, reproductive health and hygiene
  • BE EMPOWERED: Rights, freedom from violence, and how to access resources and institutions in the community
  • BE MONEY SAVVY: Saving, spending, making, storing and borrowing money

This workbook is linked directly to the Goal curriculum. It is a great resource for Goal participants to keep learning about Goal topics at home and outside of their regular Goal sessions. Girls and young women can take notes related to their practice at home activities from the Goal sessions as well as doing fun puzzles and games in between sessions. In the workbook, activities are divided into the Goal session that they are related to.

Click here to download the Goal Programme Workbook

This guide is a resource that provides coaching recommendations, tips, and strategies for Goal curriculum coaches. You will find information about what it means to be a Goal coach, general coaching tips, guidance about safe coaching, and a glossary of terms that are used throughout the Goal curriculum.

This resource was created with the understanding that every organisation has its own coach training strategies and practices, and that every coach has their own unique style and methods. This is simply a guide for those coaches who will be implementing the Goal curriculum and should be contextualised based on each organisation’s safety and coaching guidelines as well as the local context.

Click here to download the Goal Coaching Guide

This guide will give you suggestions and strategies around how to use different forms of technology to supplement sessions in the Goal curriculum or reach participants during times where in-person activities might not be possible. It also includes methods to engage with your participants digitally through messaging and social media, and some tips on how to engage with participants online in a safe way.

Click here to download the Goal Goes Digital Guide

Be Independent is a 12-session module of the Goal programme, which builds on Module 4 (Be Money Savvy) and basic financial literacy by introducing adolescent girls and young women to themes, topics and skills related to entrepreneurship and employability.

Click here to download the Be Independent Toolkit

Goal Games are fun play-based activities that take Goal life skills and add movement, competition and physical activity. They can be used as standalone sessions in place of Goal curriculum sessions or in combination with Goal curriculum sessions. They can also be used at community-based events, schools or other larger gatherings with youth.

In 2020, the Goal games were reviewed in light of COVID-19 and restrictions on gatherings and events. Adaptations have been indicated within the original game to comply with social distancing and other practices necessary to prevent or decrease the spread of COVID-19 or other viruses.

Click here to download the Goal Games Toolkit

The Goal@Home Activity Book is a great way for girls and young women to stay active and keep learning about key Goal topics at home. The Activity Book has lots of fun exercises that girls and young women can do by themselves or with a group of friends or family members. Goal@Home is divided into three sections:

  • Be Brave: girls can learn about Goal topics through colouring, storytelling, drawing, mazes, and fun quizzes.
  • Be Active: girls and young women can stay active at home by doing fun yoga poses and stretching. They can also maintain focus and stay mentally calm when they feel anxious or nervous, through meditation exercises and calming breathing techniques.
  • Be Creative: girls and young women can get to know about famous female athletes from all of the countries where the Goal programme is being implemented. They will read about the athletes' stories and then colour in a picture showing them playing their sport.

The Goal@Home Activity Book has been translated into Sinhala, Tamil, Swahili, Nepali, Mandarin, and Korean. Please contact Women Win at if you are interested in accessing these translations.

Click here to download the Goal@Home Activity Book

The Goal Comic Books highlight local contextualised stories related to life skills and themes from the Goal curriculum. The Comic Books can be used as a supplement to the Goal programme, during times when either programming has been suspended due to specific circumstances or between Goal programme cycles. The stories show girls in local communities addressing different issues and how girls can use the life skills they learn through Goal to make decisions and act.