Type of Transactions

Transaction type Value of transaction beyond which alert will be sent
Debit/ ATM card Transactions All transactions
Mobile banking transactions All transactions
Online banking transactions All transactions
Salary credits INR >25,000
All account debit transactions INR >25,000
Credit card transactions All transactions

Subscribed SMS alerts for bank accounts

  • Account balance alert
  • Time deposit maturity & rollover

Subscribed SMS alerts for credit cards

  • Credit card limit enhancement
  • Rewards points alert when your rewards increase or decrease by 1,000 points
  • Credit limit alert when your available amount is less than 5% of the total credit limit
  • Renewal card notification alert - Alert will be sent when your renewal card is sent by us
  • Contact details change alert
  • Credit card payment alert

You will also receive consolidated email alerts for your transactions if you are registered for mobile banking and the bank has your email address


    • What are banking alerts?
      Banking alerts are notifications about transactional activities on your bank account. These alerts will be delivered to you via SMS. You can even customise your own alerts preferences via the Online Banking website at mobile-alerts.html.
    • How do I subscribe to the banking alerts service?
      Log on to our online banking, click on 'SMS banking & alerts' from the left hand menu, after which you will receive a confirmation via SMS.
    • Does registering for banking alerts mean that I am automatically enrolled for SMS Banking as well?
      Yes, you will be automatically subscribed to both banking alerts and SMS Banking, however you can opt of either service via online banking.
    • What are the benefits of banking alerts?
      Banking alerts allow you to enjoy timely updates on your account activities and raise an alarm in the event of fraudulent transactions.
    • What is the difference between banking alerts and SMS Banking?
      With banking alerts, you will receive SMS and/or message when there have been transactions performed on your bank account. SMS Banking is a service that allows you to enquire and receive information on your savings or current accounts and credit card information via short text messaging.
    • How do I subscribe and unsubscribe to the Banking Alerts service?
      Log on to online banking, click on 'SMS banking & alerts' from the left hand menu, after which, you will receive a confirmation via SMS.

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