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Here’s why Standard Chartered’s Virtual Credit Card is a Card of Convenience.

digi smart credit card

Here’s why Standard Chartered’s Virtual Credit Card is a Card of Convenience.

Your virtual credit card is ready to be used online!

In an evolving generation of digital natives, simplicity and convenience are two of the most vital requirements for designing a user-oriented online experience. Consumers consistently look out for fuss-free and secure transaction solutions that make their online payment experience easy and safe.. Consequently, we now have virtual credit cards (VCC) in an effort to battle traditional credit card inconveniences.

At Standard Chartered Bank, we are continuously working to ideate and design frictionless banking solutions that go the extra mile to meet your requirements and demands. Standard Chartered has introduced a unique range of virtual credit cards. These online cards aim to revolutionize your new lifestyle with seamless, contactless online transaction experience.

Standard Chartered Bank’s VCC comes with all conventional card details such as a card number, CVV, expiry date, among others. With these details, you can make online payments at the tap of your finger- from buying regular essentials such as groceries, medicines to ordering a scrumptious meal to an online shopping spree. You can do all of these and more with this card, instantly and securely, in a contactless environment. Standard Chartered ensures that you get your virtual credit card online, immediately after applying, and hence can be used instantly. You simply have to go through a simple and fast application process to get your own Standard Chartered virtual credit card.

Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) by  Standard Chartered

You can avail of any of Standard Chartered’s credit cards and get a virtual card for your online purchases.  As soon as your credit card is approved and setup by the bank, you will promptly get your virtual card details such as a card number, CVV, expiry date on the Online Banking platform even before the physical card gets delivered. Furthermore, you can instantly get started with shopping fashionwear  purchasing groceries ordering mouthwatering meals and so on, online with a virtual DigiSmart card. The DigiSmart credit card comes with a host of exclusive discounts on popular brands such as Grofers, Zomato Myntra. It aims to indulge in your lifestyle demands, making the online shopping experience quick, convenient, and fuss-free. Click here to know all about its unique benefits, offers, and more.

Salient Features of Standard Chartered’s Virtual Credit Card

Standard Chartered’s VCC comes with a host of salient and resilient features that make it a delectable credit card option. Let’s jump in!

  • It provides a seamless online experience without the need for plastic cards. A virtual card is an electronic payment method that eliminates the fuss of carrying a physical credit card. The virtual credit card details will be accessible online on the banking site or SC Mobile app, to be used, at any given time.
  • It can be used instantly and with ease of convenience. The payment, using a Standard Chartered VCC, is quick, streamlined, and convenient. It can be used immediately after applying for it.
  • It can be used anywhere in the world. Standard Chartered’s virtual credit card can be used on any website online, making online payments and transactions hassle-free.
  • It has an easy set-up, easy cancellation process. Applying for a virtual credit card is extremely easy, and isn’t time-consuming at all. Moreover, setting up your VCC allows you to use it instantly with zero waiting time. The process of canceling this card can be effortlessly done through SC Mobile Banking App.
  • It has diverse applications. With a Standard Chartered virtual credit card, you can pay your bills online, do extensive online shopping. This virtual card is an all-purpose utility credit card that can be used as soon as it is set up for you. Apply for Standard Chartered credit card and get a virtual card for your online spends
  • It has an extended validity and usage. Unlike typical virtual cards, Standard Chartered’s virtual credit card details, displayed on Internet Banking, will be available for the first 60 days from the card’s set up date.

All these features make Standard Chartered’s virtual credit card  super convenient, quick, and user-friendly. Moreover, the physical card is also dispatched as soon it is approved by the bank, meanwhile the VCC has its own set of online benefits that you can explore almost immediately after availing of it.

In a Nutshell...

As the technology surrounding virtual cards evolves, these cards will be extending additional valuable benefits, features, and other perks. Standard Chartered has already taken its steps to standardize a more simple, convenient & ubiquitous future for payments. Even as new technology permeates this industry, Standard Chartered will be at the forefront of digital innovation to provide the best banking solutions to all its customers.

Today’s digital world demands a favorable digital mode of payment, such as this, to escape the hassles that come with traditional credit cards. Do you want to know more about Standard Chartered’s virtual credit card? Reach out to us for more expert insights and information.


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