From now to 31 March 2017, enjoy up to 26.6% savings (inclusive of MANHATTAN cashback) on your fuel purchases at Caltex with MANHATTAN World Mastercard® Credit Card. Simply charge a minimum of $3,000 on eligible retail spends, inclusive of your fuel purchase, within the same relevant period*.

Enjoy up to 24% in fuel savings at Caltex with all other Standard Chartered Credit and Debit Cards. Simply charge a minimum of $600 on eligible retail spends, inclusive of your fuel purchase within the same calendar month.

Card Type Instant upfront Standard Chartered Cards discount Standard Chartered rebate on the nett transacted amount MANHATTAN cashback Effective savings Minimum Monthly Spend (including fuel spends in Caltex)*
MANHATTAN World Mastercard 14% 11.70% 3% 26.64% $3,000 and above
All cards 14% 11.70% - 24.06% $600 and above
All cards 14% - - 14% Below $600

* Please note that the (1) qualifying period for the fulfilment of the minimum monthly spend condition^ and (2) eligible retail spends for the Standard Chartered and Caltex 2016/2017 Promotion differs from that for the MANHATTAN cashback. In order for a Cardholder to qualify for both rebates concurrently, he/she will need to meet both criteria during the same relevant period. Please refer to the individual Terms and Conditions at the websites set out below for details.

**The Standard Chartered Rebate amount will be credited to the Card account by the 28th day of the next calendar month.


Illustration of fuel savings at Caltex:

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MANHATTAN World Mastercard® All other credit cards
Fuel purchase at Caltex service station (Gross amount) $100 $100
14% instant upfront Standard Chartered Cards discount $14 $14
Amount paid at Caltex station by Standard Chartered Cardholder (nett amount) $86 $86
11.7%* Standard Chartered rebate on nett amount (min monthly spend of $600) $10.06 $10.06
3% MANHATTAN cashback (min monthly spend of $3,000) $2.58
Total savings for cardholder $26.64

Start using your Standard Chartered Credit or Debit Card at Caltex to enjoy the fuel savings now. Terms and conditions apply

Unlimited Cashback Credit Card

  • Unlimited Cashback Credit Card
  • No cashback cap and no minimum spend.
    Enjoy 1.5% cashback on all eligible spends

    Apply as a new credit cardholder and get one of three gifts (worth up to $150). Plus, receive an additional $30 cashback with your first eligible mobile payment.

    Terms and conditions apply.

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Online Exclusive


Receive a choice of one of the following gifts when you apply for a new MANHATTAN World Mastercard® Credit Card online: (a) up to $138 cashback,(b) $150 Caltex StarCash card or( c) $150 in Uber credits.

Terms and conditions apply.

Plus, for new credit cardholders, earn an additional $30 cashback on your first eligible Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay transaction.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Excluded Transactions

The following transactions charged to a Card will not be considered as Qualifying Standard Chartered Transactions to meet the Minimum Standard Chartered Monthly Spend:

  • Insurance premiums, including premiums for investment-linked policies, charged to the Card;
  • Bill payments (Examples of bill payment merchants include but are not limited to Telecommunications and utilities providers such as Starhub, Singtel and M1, Singapore Power);
  • Any payment via AXS network;
  • Any payment via SAM network;
  • Payments to government agencies which include but not limited to Land Transport Authority, Housing Development Board, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Public Utilities Board, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and the Ministry of Manpower;
  • Income tax payments;
  • EZ-Link cards transactions;
  • Transit Link transactions;
  • Any transactions pertaining to Merchant Category Codes 6211 (Security Brokers/Dealers) and 7995 (Gambling/Lotto)
  • Balance transfers to the Registered Card, cash advances from the Card, purchases via NETS and ongoing instalment payments;
  • Any fees and charges (including annual fees, interest charges, cheque processing fees, administrative fees, cash advance fees, finance charges and/or late payment charges and other miscellaneous fees and charges) charged to the Card;
  • Any amount charged to the Card during the Promotion Period that is subsequently cancelled, voided or reversed; and
  • Balance owing on the Card account from other months.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Under the Standard Chartered and Caltex 2016/2017 Promotion held from 1 August 2016 to 31 March 2017 (both dates inclusive), Cardholders can get (i) 14% upfront discount (which includes the 5% site discount) on their Caltex fuel charges and; (ii) additional 11.7% rebate on the transacted amount on their Card at Caltex. In order to qualify for the 11.7% rebate on Caltex spends in a month, a Cardholder needs to charge a minimum monthly spend of $600 in the same calendar month on total eligible retail spends. The maximum rebate a Cardholder can receive during the Promotion Period is capped at $250. The Standard Chartered Caltex 2016/2017 Promotion Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for the list of eligible retail spends as well as full terms and conditions that apply.

In addition, MANHATTAN Cardholders can continue to earn up to 3% MANHATTAN cashback on their card spends, including the transacted amounts at Caltex. In order to earn MANHATTAN cashback, MANHATTAN Cardholders must charge a minimum monthly spend (statement cycle month) on total eligible retail transactions as per the table above. There is a cashback cap of $200 per statement cycle quarter (excluding the rebate earned on Caltex spends during the Promotion Period). The MANHATTAN cashback Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for the list of eligible retail spends as well as full terms and conditions that apply.


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