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Disputing Card Transactions

Disputing Credit Card Transactions

Disputing Card Transactions
Familiarising yourself with what you need to do when you dispute a transaction posted to your account can help you save time and avoid any unnecessary hassle. The Association of Banks in Singapore (“ABS”) has provided a list of FAQs here.
What should I do before raising a dispute?
Card Lost/Stolen

  • Report loss/stolen card details to the bank immediately to block your card. You may further refer to our Card Terms and Conditions on Liability for lost/ stolen credit cards.

Unauthorised transactions

  • For disputes pertaining to unauthorised transactions, please contact us as soon as possible to block your card.
  • A transaction cannot be qualified under unauthorised category if client participated in the transaction with merchant.
  • It is mandatory to block your card before an unauthorised transaction dispute can be raised in accordance with VISA/Mastercard guidelines.

Authorised transactions

  • For merchant disputes (these involve transactions authorised by a cardholder), you should first attempt to contact the merchant to resolve the matter and keep a record of all such communications.
  • It may be possible to resolve the dispute directly with the merchant and it is also the fastest way to resolve any disagreement. If you need to raise a dispute through us, we will need supporting documents such as sales invoices, ticketing copies or any other contracts, as well as all prior communications with the merchant on attempts to resolve this directly with the merchant in question.
  • Do provide all details to allow us to conduct a thorough investigation.

Can I dispute a transaction that has not been posted to my account?

  • In some instances where you visit a hotel or put down a security deposit on a purchase, the merchant may place a hold on your card to block an agreed amount as security. This is known as an authorisation hold and does not represent the actual charge billed to your account.
  • The merchant will subsequently present the actual amount charged to you, which is then posted in your statement at a later date. You may raise a dispute only after the transaction is posted.
  • Authorisation holds in your account can be held for 15 or 30 days as per requirement from VISA/Mastercard based on merchant category or released by the merchant upon settlement. The Bank cannot release any purchase authorisations during the time the authorisation hold exists in your account. This is because we are unable to ascertain if the merchant will make further presentments. You are advised to contact the merchant directly for such disputes.

I have not dealt with this merchant before. How is it possible that I have been charged by this merchant without my knowledge?
This can happen in the following situations where your information was used subsequently for fraudulent transactions:

  • Your card information is compromised
  • Your card details were provided to suspicious websites
  • Merchants holding your card details were compromised

It is important to call the Bank immediately to block your card to prevent further unauthorized transactions.
I don’t remember making this transaction. How do I check the full details of a charge on my statement?

  • We receive limited transaction details from the merchant’s bank and post the transaction based on the information received.
  • Firstly, do check with other supplementary cardholders if they have made the purchase.
  • Also, please note that some companies use a different trading name or location from what appears on your statement. Please contact the company to verify the trading name before raising a dispute. It may also be possible to get more details on the merchant via an online search.
  • As a final option, we can try to request a retrieval of the charge slip from the merchant’s bank as verification. Please note that the merchant retains the discretion as to whether they wish to respond to our request and such request will take 30 to 60 days. Upon successful retrieval of the charge slip a fee of S$5.00 per transaction applies.

How long do I have to wait to resolve a disputed transaction?

  • Generally, a resolution on a dispute may take between 4 weeks for simple cases to about 12 weeks for complex ones, and this is contingent upon your prompt provision upon our request of the complete suite of documentation required for our investigations.
  • Please note that the Bank does not raise the chargeback immediately – we will need some time to investigate your dispute thoroughly before proceeding with the chargeback.