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Credit Cards: FAQs


 How can I apply for a Standard Chartered credit card?

You can click here to apply for your preferred Standard Chartered credit card and get instant approval. Alternatively, click here to find the best credit card for you.

What are the application requirements?

The application requirements vary for each credit card. Click here for the full list of credit cards and to learn more about its application requirements.

 What is MyInfo and why should I use it to complete my application online?

MyInfo is a government digital service that allows SingPass users to manage their personal data and pre-fill forms for online transactions, thereby simplifying application processes and reducing the time spent. By using MyInfo, users only need to provide personal data once to the Government. More information can be found here.

How long does it take for my credit card application to be completed?

You should receive instant digital approval for applications via MyInfo. For manual applications, please allow at least 14 working days for processing. Any application that has missing required documents or has incomplete information will result in a delay for processing. Please also note that all applications are subject to the Bank’s approval.

Why was my credit card application turned down?

Due to the Bank’s policy and confidentiality guidelines, we will not be able to reveal why your application was rejected. Please be assured that all credit card applications go through a stringent internal approval process and we consider all applications carefully.

How will I be contacted if my application requires more documents or has been rejected?

If your application requires further documents or information, we will send you a notification letter with details on what is required from you.

If your application has been rejected, we will also send you a notification letter to inform you of the Bank’s decision.

Where can I view the latest credit card and unsecured credit rules?

You can click here to read The Association of Banks in Singapore’s Consumer Guide for Credit Cards, which contains detailed information on understanding credit cards and credit usage.


Am I eligible for a credit card?

The criteria for credit cards vary from product to product and your eligibility is subject to each credit card’s requirements. Click here for the full list of credit cards and you can select your desired credit card to view its product page and eligibility criteria.

Credit Card Interest and Fees

What are the interest and fees for my credit card?

You can refer to the Important Information Document for Standard Chartered Credit Cards for more information on all relevant interest, fees and charges.

 Card Replacement

How can I request for a credit card replacement or cancel my credit card if it is lost/stolen?

You can raise a service request via our digital channels – Online Banking and/or the Standard Chartered Mobile App.

For more information, please click here or visit our contact page.

 Card Activation

 Can I use my physical credit card immediately upon receiving it?

For your security, the Bank blocks all new ATM, debit and credit cards by default, as well as for overseas usage. As such, you will need to activate your card online or via SMS before use as well as activate for overseas usage separately.

How do I activate my ATM / debit / credit card?

You can activate your ATM/debit/credit card via online or SMS.

 For online activation: Log in to Online Banking or the Standard Chartered Mobile App to activate your card and set your PIN number.

 For SMS activation: SMS ACT <Name on Card> and the last four digits of your card number for credit cards or ACT and the last four digits of your card number to 75722 for ATM and debit cards. (SMS to +65 9617 6495 if you are overseas or using an international phone number)

Click here for more information.

Overseas Card Activation

Why is the overseas card usage function on my ATM / debit / credit card disabled?
The overseas card usage function has been disabled by default for all Standard Chartered cards to provide a higher level of security for cardholders and is part of an industry-wide measure introduced by the Association of Banks in Singapore.

How do I know if my ATM / debit / credit card is currently enabled or disabled for overseas usage?

You would have received an automatic reply notification via email or SMS from the Bank notifying you on whether your card has been enabled or disabled for overseas usage.

How do I enable/disable the overseas card usage function on my ATM / debit / credit card(s)?

For your security, the Bank disables the overseas card usage function for all new, existing, replacement and renewed ATM, credit and debit cards by default and the following functions may be affected:

  • Overseas ATM cash withdrawal
  • Overseas credit/debit card magnetic stripe transactions

Please take note of the following:

  • Exceptions to the above include: if you had previously enabled the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function on your card (this also applies to overseas card usage on renewed/replacement cards with same card number) and if you were notified that your existing card(s) will remain enabled for overseas usage.
  • EMV chip transactions are excluded from the overseas card usage function. This means that your card can still be used overseas at EMV chip-enabled POS terminals and/or ATMs despite the overseas card usage function being disabled.

Please note that activation of the overseas card usage function can only be done after your card has been activated and Principal cardholders are required to enable/disable this function for supplementary cards (if any).

You can click on this link to enable/disable your card for overseas usage online or log in to the Standard Chartered Mobile App to do so.

Click here to view the guided steps on how to activate your card for overseas usage.

*Note: “POS” stands for Point-of-Sale and “EMV” stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa.

Why am I able to make EMV chip transactions when I did not activate the overseas card usage function on my ATM/credit/debit card?

The overseas card usage function only applies to overseas ATM cash withdrawals and credit/debit card magnetic stripe transactions. This means that your card can still be used overseas at POS terminals and/or ATMs for EMV chip transactions.

You may want to enable the magnetic stripe of your card(s) for overseas use as the EMV chip is not widely accepted in some countries.

 What is the difference between magnetic stripe and EMV chip transactions?

Magnetic strips behind your card contain your credit card information and are easy to clone. EMV chips contain a microprocessor chip that uses encryption to prevent its contents from being replicated.

In Singapore, EMV chip cards are recognised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to have a higher level of data security than magnetic stripe-only cards to protect against card fraud.

For magnetic stripe transactions, the merchant sales staff will swipe your card. For EMV chip transactions, your card will be inserted into the POS terminal.

Please note that merchants in some countries – such as USA, Japan and Korea – still predominantly use magnetic stripe-only terminals. As such, you will need to activate your card for overseas usage to perform magnetic stripe transactions.

 How do I disable the EMV chip on my credit/debit card?

There is no option for this now as the EMV chip remains active for local and overseas transactions.

Other Features

360° Rewards

What is the 360° Rewards Programme?

It is the Bank’s rewards programme that rewards Standard Chartered cardholders on their total banking relationship with the Bank, starting with their credit card spend. It also rewards them on their mortgage, investments, deposits and online transactions.

Who is eligible for the 360° Rewards Programme?

All Standard Chartered cardholders are automatically enrolled in the 360° Rewards Programme, except for cardholders who hold cards that offer cashback (e.g. the Manhattan Card).

 Which product categories/transactions can earn me more 360° Rewards Points?

The following product categories can earn 360° Rewards Points:

  • Current Account (Note: MortgageOne accounts are excluded. For Personal Banking, a current account that is linked to a Personal Credit account is also excluded.)
  • Online Banking Transactions (I.e. Payment of other banks’ credit card bills or payment to billing organisations. For this purpose, the payment of bills via Online Banking through a credit card account is not considered as an Online Banking Transaction.)
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Investments (Note: Only selected investments; CPF purchased funds excluded. Contact us for more details)
  • Mortgages (Commercial mortgages excluded. Mortgage loans that are approved but not disbursed are not counted.)

 For full details on the eligibility criteria to earn 360° Rewards Points on these product categories, please refer to the Credit Card Terms.

 The Good Life®

 What is The Good Life®?
The Good Life® (TGL) is Standard Chartered’s privileges programme that entitles Standard Chartered credit and debit cardholders the enjoyment of best-in-class privileges at popular establishments.

 How do I enjoy TGL privileges?
Simply spend using Standard Chartered credit or debit cards at participating partners to enjoy TGL privileges. The list of participating partners can be found at here.