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Regulatory Readiness

Helping organisations prepare for imminent and new regulations, and compliance changes.

Basel IV: Standardising risk and capital calculations

Learn how Basel IV will change internal risk models, operations and reporting and, in turn impact the solutions and pricing,…

27 Jan 2021

Opening access to banking data and payments

Regulation around open banking is aiming to make B2B and B2C e-commerce more convenient and to also enable treasurers and…

5 Jan 2021

Rising to new cybersecurity challenges

As new and increasing cyber threats impact businesses globally, regulators are stepping up their focus on three core areas.

5 Jan 2021

Central Bank Digital Currencies: a new frontier in digital payments

With 80% of central banks world-wide exploring the use of CBDCs, get ready for it to go mainstream.

3 Nov 2020

EU Taxonomy: Defining a green and sustainable future

A huge development in sustainable finance with implications for investors and issuers globally.

23 Oct 2020

Preparation is key for transition to risk-free rates

The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), arguably the most important Interbank Offered Rate (IBOR) used in global financial markets, is…

2 Oct 2020

Shareholder Rights Directive II: a catalyst for change

The SRD II’s new requirements for more transparency and timeliness strengthens shareholder rights.

9 Sep 2020

Instant payments: Fast track to opportunities

Payments market infrastructures, are modernising, driven by the combined forces of digital innovation, changing customer expectations, and pressure from regulators.

25 Aug 2020

Payments transparency: A clear advantage

Financial crime is a complex, multi-faceted and evolving global issue. But governments globally are looking to strengthen financial regulation as…

2 Jul 2020

Are you open for API business?

Establishing digital connections for creativity and collaboration

8 Jun 2020

How to prepare for CSDR’s Settlement Discipline Regime

Although CSDR is a European regulation, its impacts will be global. Market participants need to act now to avoid penalties…

20 May 2020

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