cash management More than payments

Managing cash is more than making and accepting payments.

It’s about unlocking potential to achieve more for your organisation, when you Collect, Hold, and Pay with us.

Expertise and solutions

The ever-changing macro backdrop pushes organisations and businesses to evolve. It also brings new opportunities. Whether you’re moving into new markets or exploring business models,
we will be your constant partner.

Our footprint combines global reach with local expertise, peer-validated service and an award-winning suite of solutions to help you Collect, Hold, and Pay - wherever you are.

From offering convenient collection methods for your customers, to contributing towards organisational sustainability goals, we aim to shape your cash strategy to match your unique requirements.

Plus, you’ll have immediate access to expertise backed by decades of experience
from our finance and treasury specialists.

Exemplary service from a trusted global partner

Experience peer-validated service

Our implementation and servicing are highly valued worldwide; you can focus on your business priorities.

Draw on global expertise and local knowledge

With a history of over 160 years in some of the world’s most dynamic markets, we’re on top of global trends and meticulous in adapting to local nuances.

Enjoy secure and consistent solutions

Organisations in close to 50 markets trust us for the fast and secure processing of over 700 million transactions annually.

Tailor to your treasury needs

We offer an award-winning suite of solutions and bespoke creations; and implement a consistent set of capabilities across the markets we’re in.

Our clients

Solutions to Collect, Hold, and Pay

Our holistic approach to designing solutions puts you and your business in the centre.

By having us as your global partner, you can also reduce rigorous RFP processes as your business expands into new markets.

From traditional and instant payments to FX, yield enhancements, and the latest in blockchain-enabled technologies, leverage solutions across our network when you Collect, Hold, and Pay.

Featured highlights

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Regional treasury centres (RTCs) paired with shared service centres (SSCs) for operations support were once the Goldilocks of treasury structure. Today we are seeing a renewed focus on RTCs and SSCs, what is driving this change?

3 ways corporate treasury can drive business value through sustainability initiatives

Corporate treasurers are increasingly assuming the mantle of sustainability as their organisations look to adopt and implement ESG policies and practices. It’s a unique opportunity to contribute to positive social and environmental impact.

Need-to-Know: Regulatory impacts on Asia payments

Regulatory changes in the payments space are constant, not least because technological developments in this arena keep on coming. Learn about the inevitable impacts on treasury functions.

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Powering businesses for a transformative and sustainable future

Whatever business challenges come your way, your need for smooth, successful transactions will be constant. Alongside continuing operational requirements, you’ll need to balance enduring targets with emerging ones – including sustainability and digitialisation aspirations.

By combining international-bank stability with local-market knowledge, we can support your transaction banking needs across the world. From cash management solutions to bolster your treasury to financing solutions to sustainably fund your supply chain, we have the solutions to help you prepare for future opportunities.