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  Credit Card Services  

What are the card services available online?

  • Cards Balance enquiry
  • Cards Details
  • Cards Transaction History  
  • Cards Payment
  • Cards Applications

How do I view my credit card statement?
You can view your current Standard Chartered Credit Card latest statements and previous 2 months card statements online. All you need to do is to click on ‘Transactional History’ under ‘Cards’ and key in the period of the transactions you want to view.


How do I pay my credit card(s) online?
You can make payment to your Standard Chartered Credit Card bills via immediate, future transfer or scheduled payment mode.

To pay for your personal credit cards, simply click on ‘Card Payment’ under ‘Payments/ Transfers’ and select the card you wish to pay. You have the options to pay Outstanding, Minimum or Full amounts. You can change the payment to any amount after you have selected any of the 3 options.


Can I pay a 3rd party SCB Credit Card?
Yes, you can pay a 3rd party SCB credit card. To pay for a 3rd party credit card, simply go to ‘3rd party Funds Transfer/ Bill Payments’ under ‘Payments/ Transfers’ and add a new bill payment payee. Click on ‘SCB cards’ from the list of merchants and fill in your payee’s credit card information. Once you successfully submitted your payee’s information, you can pay bills via immediate, future transfer or scheduled payment mode.


How do I pay other bank’s credit cards?
You can pay other bank’s credit card bills using our eCashier’s Order facility.


When will my credit card account be updated?
Your credit card account will be updated the next working day of the payment date.

7. Can I increase my credit card limit online?
You can download the application form online, however, you will need to mail the form back to the Bank.
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