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  Self Service Online Banking Registration  

What is Self Service Online Registration?
This is a new online feature which will allow our customers to register or re-register for Internet Banking service using their personal Phone Banking, ATM, Credit Card or Debit Card credentials.


Where can I do the Online Registration?
Customers who wish perform the online registration at the comfort of home can do so by clicking the “Instant Self Service Registration” link on the Standard Chartered Online banking login page.

Online Registration FAQ 1


Who can perform the Online Registration?
New personal customers who have yet to register for Internet banking service or Existing personal customers who have forgotten their Internet banking password can perform the self service online registration.

SME customers will NOT be able to perform the online registration. Registration for Business Electronic Banking service must be done at the branch by completing the application form with the authorized signatories.


What do you need to complete the online registration?
Customers who wish to register for Internet banking service via self service online registration must have the following with the bank:-

- An updated mobile number with the bank
- A valid ATM/Debit Card number and PIN
- A valid Credit Card number and PIN
- A valid Phone Banking ID and TIN


How does it work?
Customers who wish to register for Internet banking service via self service online registration can simply perform the following steps online:-

- Go to Login Page of Standard Chartered Online Banking
- Click on “Instant Self Service Registration”
- Accept the Terms and Conditions
- Select the credential e.g ATM / Debit Card and Enter the correct ATM / Debit Card PIN
- Click Next to verify your mobile number registered with bank and confirm
- Enter the temporary password which was sent to your mobile number
- Customise your Username and Password
- Login using your customized Username and Password
- Once your have entered the Username and Password, you have successfully registered and login to our Online Banking.


Online Registration FAQ 1


Online Registration FAQ 1


Online Registration FAQ 1


Online Registration FAQ 1


Online Registration FAQ 1


Online Registration FAQ 1


Online Registration FAQ 1


What if I do not have a Phone Banking/ ATM / Debit Card /Credit Card ID and PIN but wish to apply for Online Banking?
To apply for Internet banking service, personal customers can call 1800 747 7000 for a Temporary ID and Password. For SME customers, please complete the Business Electronic Banking Form available at the branch.


What if my mobile number is wrong or has not been updated by the bank?
If the mobile number is not correct or not updated by the bank, you will not be able to proceed to do self registration online. You will need to contact our Phone Banking at 1800 747 7000 to first update the mobile number with the bank.


How many times can a customer try their ATM/Debit/Credit Card number/Phone Banking ID and PIN before they are locked out?
A customer can try up to a maximum of three times to validate their Phone Banking ID/ ATM / Debit and Credit Card number against their PIN. After that, they will not be able to use the credentials for online registration service.


What can a customer do if they are locked out of the Online Registration process?
Customer can call our contact centre at 1800 747 7000 to request for a PIN counter reset if their Phone Banking/ ATM/ Debit Card/ Credit Card ID and PIN has been locked after they have tried to perform online registration for more than 3 times.


What is the validity of the Temporary password after I have successfully performed the online registration?
The temporary password generated via the online self registration is valid for 100 seconds only, after which it will be expired and cannot be used for login. Customer will need to perform online registration to get a new temporary password again. On the other hand, the temporary password generated via call centre and branch is valid for 5 days.

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