Working capital

Working Capital

How we can help facilitate your cash flow:

  • Easy access to your cash
    Providing convenience for your business transactions with our award winning online banking platform (Straight2Bank), 24-hour phone banking services and branch access.
  • Cash and trade solutions
    Giving solutions for you to make business transactions in an easy and timely manner.
  • Your main transactional bank
    Offering you preferential pricing whenever you do more transactions with us.

Cash Flow. Shouldn't it move smoothly?

Your business' well being. Measured by wealth and health.

A wealthy business with strong revenues and high profits may not be a healthy business. Especially if it lacks sufficient cash flow to address future working capital needs.

Understanding you working capital cycle

By managing your working capital efficiently, you can ensure an adequate cash flow to meet your short-term expenses and obligations. Your working capital is determined by three main factors:

  1. 1) Collections
  2. 2) Credit Terms
  3. 3) Inventory Management

Facilitating smooth cash flow

We recognise that collections and payments are more than financial transactions. They are fundamental to your business and its financial health.

We have market-leading solutions to facilitate smooth cash flow to maximise its working capital efficiency. Our Payments, Collections and Trade Finance solutions provide certainty, control and convenience in managing your cash flow so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

What’s next?

Your business growth

We're ready to help you make the most of any expansion opportunities that come your way.

How to grow your business

Plan for the unexpected

Make sure your business is protected from unforeseen events or risks.

Protecting your business

Returns on investments

Our experts can help you invest excess cash to make your money work harder.

Investing your money

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