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Since 2003, we’ve raised USD100 million for Seeing is Believing, our visionary partnership with leading eye health organisations to tackle avoidable blindness and visual impairment

We’ve helped millions of people return to education and work, and see the world again


SEEING IS BELIEVING Tackling avoidable blindness and visual impairment since 2003

Globally, an estimated 36 million people are blind and more than 217 million live with poor eyesight. Yet 80 per cent of visual impairment can be prevented or cured. In 2003, we started fundraising for 28,000 sight-restoring surgeries through Seeing is Believing. 15 years later, we’ve reached our USD100 million target, through fundraising and the Bank’s matching funds, two years ahead of schedule.

Our story Seeing is Believing: 100 seconds for USD100 million

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BETTER TOGETHER Working in partnership

The Seeing is Believing partnership is an example of how the private sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can work together to positively impact the lives of millions of people. We’ve captured the history, approach and key lessons in a new report for companies and NGOs considering similar multi-stakeholder partnership. 

Our impact at a glance


projects implemented across 37 countries


Innovation Fund projects to develop pioneering ideas


million sight-restoring surgeries supported


years of Seeing is Believing


health workers trained


million people reached through medical interventions, eye examinations, eye health education and training

USD million USD10 million

raised since 2003

#EYECAN see the world

Through sight-restoring surgeries, training and education, Seeing is Believing has changed the lives of millions of individuals and families, making it easier for many to return to education and work.

Dr Niken examining child

Making a difference

Dr Niken’s greatest joy comes from hearing the laughter of the children she has helped to see. The support she received to specialise in paediatric eye health means she now delivers vital services to children in her hometown in Indonesia.

Nimesha in school

Achieving my dreams

Before receiving her prescription glasses, the blackboard was a blur for Nimesha from Sri Lanka. With her sight restored, she can now see clearly and hopes to become a doctor.

Simon after cataract surgery

Shaping my future

Before cataract surgery, Simon, a 67-year-old grandfather from Kenya, couldn’t work to support his family. Now, with his sight restored, he is back running his business as a tailor and his child, who’d been taking care of him, is back at school.

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Professor Peter Scanlon with patient

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Criscent Bwambale after treatment

Seeing for the first time: one boy’s story

Criscent was just a baby when he was diagnosed with blinding cataracts. He was referred for an operation, but his family couldn’t afford the journey to the hospital. 

Ophthalmologist turned innovator Dr Andrew Bastawrous

Seeing smart: transforming emerging-market eye care

Ophthalmologist turned innovator Dr Andrew Bastawrous shares how smartphones are helping hundreds of thousands of people see again.

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