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Smart card FAQs

Q: What are categories that I will earn cashback for
A: Clients are eligible for cashback with Smart credit card, details below –

Cashback % Max cashback per month
Online Transactions 2% INR 1,000
Offline Transactions 1% INR 500

Q: What is the value cashback on Smart card
A: Value of cashback is equivalent to INR 1.

Q: Are there any transactions thresholds for clients to be eligible for cashback across Online and offline transactions
A: There are no minimum transaction value or minimum spends requirement for clients to be eligible for cashback. Please see below table for more details

To qualify for cashback Minimum transaction
Minimum spends
in category
Max cashback per transaction Max cashback per month
NA NA INR 1,000 INR 1,000
NA NA INR 500 INR 500

Q: Are there any exclusions in 2% cashback on Online transactions?
A: Please note that for Bill Payments through Billdesk or StanChart Bill Pay, only transactions on Billers registered under the following categories will be eligible for cashback:

  • Telecom
  • Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas)

Q: Will I earn cashback on Fuel transactions using Smart Credit Card?
A: No, fuel transactions are not eligible for cashback

Q: Will I earn cashback on cash withdrawal transactions?
A: No, cash withdrawal transactions are not eligible for cashback

Q: Where can I see the cashback earned on my Smart card?

  1. The cashback earned on a Smart Card will be available in the Rewards Portal of the Bank e. R360 (https://retail.sc.com/in/rewards360/rewards_home/in.).
  2. Client needs to log into Online Banking & proceed to 360 Rewards or login directly to 360 Rewards here https://retail.sc.com/in/rewards360/rewards_home/in
  3. Next, please select Smart card in the drop-down menu (in case of multiple SCB credit cards),
  4. Once redeemed the cashback will reflect in your credit card account within next 3 working

Q: Will the cashback earned on Smart Card be directly adjusted against my Outstanding Statement Balance?
A: If the cashback if redeemed prior to the date of your credit card statement cycle, the cashback will be adjusted against the total outstanding. Otherwise, the cashback will be adjusted in the next statement cycle.

Q: If I have INR 3000 as cashback in Smart Card on 360 Rewards portal, can I redeem INR 700 into my account for it to be adjusted against his Statement Outstanding Balance?

  1. INR 1000 is the minimum Cashback amount for the first-time cashback redemption on Smart
  2. Subsequently, all redemption can be done in blocks of INR 500 (In this example, the client can redeem the either of 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 or 3000)

Q: If I have 2 cashback credit cards from the Bank, e.g. Smart Credit card and SCB Titanium card, how can I redeem the cashback?
A: Cashback can be redeemed on multiple cards at the same time. However, conditions on minimum redemption amount will apply for Smart credit card.

Q: Is there any redemption fee applicable when I redeem cashback 360 Rewards portal
A: No, the redemption fee of INR 99 is not applicable on redemption of cashback.

Q: Do all transactions on Smart credit card qualify for the special interest rate of 0.99% per month and Nil processing fee
A: The special interest rate of 0.99% per month and Nil processing fee is valid only on eligible transactions as defined by the Bank. The client can avail the EMI facility via Online Banking or SC Mobile or any other channels of Standard Chartered Bank.

Q: How can I convert the transactions into EMI at the special interest rate
A: The client can use the following modes to convert the transactions

  1. By calling our Phone Banking lines
    Call our phone banking team on 080 39401166 / 66011166 and place your request for EMI conversion or SMS KBE to +91-9223010121 to get a call back.
  2. By sending an SMS
    Respond to the SMS received just after you spend on your credit card to convert eligible transactions into easy EMIs.
  3. By logging into Online Banking and SC mobile
    If you have missed converting your credit card purchase to an EMI at a physical or online merchant, you can login to Online banking or mobile banking and place a request at your convenience for the eligible transactions.

Q: Can I change my credit card statement date during first 90 days post credit card issuance
A: No, for clients availing the Smart credit card, no change of Statement Date within the first 90 days of card setup is possible

Q: How do I avail the extended interest-free credit period on Smart credit card.

A: Please see the detailed illustration below to understand the functioning of the extended interest-free credit period


Scenario 1: For a customer, who wishes to avail the extended interest-free period, the customer is required to make a payment of Minimum Amount Due as per the first three statements for Smart credit card, and the Total Amount Due as per the fourth statement (30 Oct) for Smart credit card by Payment Due Date (18 Nov) to continue to keep the account in good standing

Scenario 2: In case the customer does not make the payment of Total Amount Due in the 4th statement (30 Oct) – interest will be charged on Total Amount Due as per statement dated 30 Oct from 31 Oct  till such time total payment is received by the Bank

Scenario 3: In case the customer does not make the payment of Minimum Amount Due in Month 1 (30 Jul)
(a) customer will not be eligible for the ‘extended interest-free credit period’
(b) late fees will be levied in the statement generated on 30 Aug
(c) interest will be charged on Total Amount Due as per statement generated on 30 Aug,
from 31 Aug till such time total payment is received by the Bank

Q: What happens if I miss the payment of Minimum Amount Due for any Statement (E.g. 2nd Statement)?
A: The interest-free credit period offer will be forfeited / withdrawn automatically, and interest will start accruing from 3rd statement on retail balance outstanding in 2nd statement. All retail transactions done post generation of Statement 3 will start accruing interest. The total interest accrued will reflect in the 4th credit card Statement.

Q: Is the extended interest-free credit period also applicable on cash transactions through Smart Credit Card?
A: This feature is not applicable on cash transactions done on the Smart Credit card. Cash transactions will continue to attract interest rate of 3.75% per month.

Q: Is the extended interest-free credit period applicable on Loan on Card, EMI offerings and Balance transfer options provided by the Bank?
A: The feature is not applicable on any Loan on Card products, EMI or Balance transfer offerings of the Bank. It is applicable only on the Retail transactions. The Statement for these products is shared separately with as Instabuy account statements where the payments needs to be serviced separately.

Q: What merchant categories will be considered as rental payments?
Credit card transactions with Merchant Category Code (MCC) 6513, 7349 are covered under Rental Payments.
A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number assigned to a merchant/business by the merchant’s acquiring bank. These are defined by networks e.g. Visa, MasterCard.

Q: What is the processing fee for rental payments?
A processing fee of 1% (plus taxes) would be applicable to all rental transactions. This fee will be over and above any charges applied by the merchant as communicated to the client at the time of transaction.
For example – If you pay INR 20,000 on a third-party rent payment platform using your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card, 1% of transaction amount i.e. INR 200 plus taxes will be charged as a processing fee

Q: When will this processing fee be effective from?
Processing fee on rental payments will be effective from April 02, 2023.

Q: When will this fee get levied?
The processing fee will be levied by 15th of the next calendar month and will have a separate narration in the monthly statement.