Do a brief and comprehensive comparison on various charges for credit cards.

Table Of Fees

Fee Details* Annual Fee (Year 1) Annual Fee (Year 2 Onwards) Supplementary card Joining/Annual Fee View Details
Bandhan Bandhan One 299 299 Nil View Details »
Bandhan Plus 699 699 Nil
Bandhan Xclusive 2999 2999 Nil
DigiSmart 49 (monthly) 49 (monthly) 49 (monthly) View Details »
Platinum Rewards 250 250 Nil View Details »
Manhattan Platinum 999 999 Nil View Details »
SuperValue Titanium 750 750 Nil View Details »
Emirates World Option 1 3000 3000 Nil View Details »
Option 2 13999 13999 Nil
Landmark Rewards Platinum 250 250 Nil View Details »
Yatra Platinum Option 1 499 499 Nil View Details »
Option 2 999 499 Nil
Visa Infinite Nil Nil Nil View Details »
Platinum Elite 4995 6000 Nil
Gold Rewards 250 250 Nil
Bajaj Finserv Platinum Option 1 Nil 999 Nil
Option 2 999 999 Nil
Bajaj Finserv World 2999 2999 Nil
Ultimate 5000 5000 Nil View Details »

*Charges may vary as per the prevailing promotional offers. These would be informed to the Cardholder at the time of application for the card and will be directly charged to the account and would appear in the monthly credit card statement.

Table Of Other Financial Charges

Other Financial Details Charges Details
Late charge Rs.100 will be charged if 2 consecutive months payments are missed
Late Payment Charges ₹ 0 for statement outstanding balance less than or equal to ₹ 100. ₹ 100 for statement outstanding balance between ₹ 101 and ₹ 500. ₹ 500 for statement outstanding balance between ₹ 501 and ₹ 5,000. ₹ 700 for statement outstanding balance between ₹ 5,001 and ₹ 15,000. ₹ 800 for statement outstanding balance greater than ₹ 15,000.

Example: In case there is an outstanding of ₹ 4,000 on your credit card and ₹ 10,000 in your Balance Transfer account and payment is not made by the Payment Due Date. There will be a Late Payment Charge of ₹ 500 in your credit card account and ₹ 700 on your Balance Transfer account. The example above is for illustrative purposes only. All cards and all instalment products such as Instabuy, Balance Transfer, Dial-a-Loan etc will each attract Late Payment Charges if payment is not made by the Payment Due Date.
Over Limit Fees Rs 500 per instance or 2.5% of the Overlimit amount. (Minimum Rs 500)
Rewards Handling Charges Rs 99 will be charged towards handling and courier charges for redemption of reward points. Emirates Platinum and Platinum Elite and Landmark Rewards Platinum will not attract these charges for their exclusive rewards program.
Cash Advance Fee ATM withdrawals: 3% of cash withdrawal amount subject to a minimum of Rs 300. For withdrawals using the teller facility at our Branches, an additional fee of Rs 500 will be levied.
Overseas Transactions All overseas transactions are levied with a 3.5% transaction fee. This includes charges paid out to Visa / MasterCard for converting overseas transactions into INR

Please note: Transactions at merchant establishments that are registered overseas, even if the merchant is located in India attract a charge of 1% from Visa and MasterCard which is included as a part of the transaction amount in your statement
Surcharges Rs 25 or 2.5% of transaction (whichever is higher) on Railway transactions. Rs 10 or 1% of transaction (whichever is higher) on Petrol transactions. The rate of surcharge may vary depending on acquiring bank.
Goods and Services Tax Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be levied at the applicable rates in force on all taxable supplies with effect from 1 July 2017
Cheque/ Cash Pick up Fee For overdue card accounts, charge of Rs 100 will be levied for payments collected by authorized representatives. The same will reflect in the next month's statement.
Cash Repayment Fee Effective 1st January 2019 Rs 299 will be charged for making payment of credit card bills by depositing cash at any Standard Chartered Bank branch. These charges will be reflected in the next months statement.
Cheque Bounce Charges Effective 1st July 2019 Rs 500 will get debited towards cheque bounce charges.

Service handling charges

Applicable charges - Effective 1st Jan 2019 Charges
Service Requests at the branch INR 199/-**
Self Service IVR calls FREE
Non IVR calls attended by Phone Banking Officers INR 49/-**

** Applicable for all Credit Card variants except Visa Infinite, Emirates World & Ultimate, only for those services that are available through online banking but are requested by a customer through Phone banking (Non IVR) / Branch banking.

GST will be levied at the applicable rates over and above the mentioned charges.

Charges applicable on Personal Segment clients except Visa Infinite, Emirates World & Ultimate.

Please refer to the Schedule of Service Charges (SOSC) for more details.

Services at branch & phone banking (Non IVR) to be charged - Credit Cards Services at branch & phone banking (Non IVR) to be charged - Savings Account
Outstanding balance / Transaction details Available balance / Transaction details / Statement details
Product features enquiries Credit Card status enquiry
PIN no enquiry / reset PIN No. enquiry / reset
Statement query / details Request - status (except deliverable status)
Fund transfer / bill payment / Online payment related Online banking registration / re-registration
Request - status (except deliverable status) Branch / ATM address / IFSC code
Reward points enquiries / redemption Reward points enquiries / redemption
Available credit / Cash limit Fund transfer / bill payment / Online payment related
Branch / ATM address / IFSC Cheque clearance related / Fund transfer

Minimum Amount Due (MAD) :

The minimum amount due every month shall be higher of the following (a) 5% of statement outstanding or (b) sum total of all installments billed, interest, fees, other charges, amount that is over limit and 1%of the principal or (c) Rs 250. Incase you have an unpaid minimum amount due from the previous month, the same will be added to the minimum amount due for the current month (as calculated above).

In case of default or if the statement balance is less than Rs 250 the entire outstanding amount may have to be paid. If you spend Rs 10,000 and pay back exactly the MAD every month, it will take approximately 6.5 years to pay back the complete amount. We therefore suggest that whenever your cash flow allows you, do pay back substantially more than your minimum payment due.

Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) :

The monthly interest rate is annualized to arrive at the annualized percentage rate (APR). Monthly interest rate of 3.49% pm is annualized to arrive at an APR of 41.88% for all Standard Chartered Credit Cards. However for all Visa Infinite and Emirates World credit cards, the monthly interest rate is 3.10% pm (APR of 37.20%); and for all instant credit card variants, the monthly interest rate is 1.99% pm (APR of 23.88%). Cash transactions will attract an interest rate of 3.49% pm (APR of 41.88%).

Interest-free (Grace) Period :

The Payment Due Date on your Card can be between 18 and 25 days after the Statement Date (Please check your statement for your exact Payment Due Date). Therefore, the interestfree credit period can range from 18-48 days to 25-55 days depending on your Payment Due Date. The interest-free period does not apply for cash advances and revolving balances. For these, interest is charged fromthe date of the transaction.We reserve the right to change this interest-free period by giving you notice.

Assume that your Statement Date is 2 Nov (covering transactions billed between 3 Oct and 2 Nov) and your Payment Due Date is 24 Nov. You have paid the total amount due by 24 Nov (making you eligible for interest-free period). In this case, the Payment Due Date is 22 days after the Statement Date and the interest-free period will range from 22-52 days.

For a transaction billed on 3 Oct, the interest-free period is 52 days (from3 Oct to 24 Nov)

For a transaction billed on 2 Nov, the interest-free period is 22 days (from2 Nov to 24 Nov)

Levy of Interest :

(Please note that monthly payments will be applied first towards meeting the old borrowing)

Interest is charged if part payment facility is chosen or in case of payment not being received by the Payment Due Date (PDD).The interest is levied on the daily outstanding balance. Effective 1st March 2006, interest will be levied from the transaction date to the statement date in the current statement cycle and interest will be charged from the date of transaction to the date of payment.

Option How Interest will be levied Example
If FULL payment of Total Outstanding is made every month before Payment Due Date No Interest will be charged * No Interest will be charged *
If PARTIAL payment of Total Outstanding is made every month before Payment Due Date Interest will be charged for all transactions incurred in the current statement from the transaction date till the Statement Date. Previous Statement Date: 1 Aug, Statement Balance: 10,000 Payment Due Date: 18 Aug.Transaction incurred on 15 Aug: Rs 3,000 Payment: Rs 8,000 received on 18 Aug, Current Statement Date: 1 Sep, In this case, interest will be charged for Rs 10,000/- from 2 Aug till 17 Aug and the unpaid balance of Rs 2,000 will attract interest from 18 Aug till 1 Sep. Interest will also be charged for Rs 3,000 from15 Aug to 1 Sep.
The closing balance in the previous statement will attract interest, from one day post the Statement Date till one day prior to the date of payment, in the current statement. The balance after payment will attract interest fromthe date of payment till the Statement Date.
If you usually make PARTIAL payment, but in the CURRENT month you have made the FULL Payment of the Total Outstanding before the Payment Due Date The closing balance as per your previous statement will accrue interest until the date of payment. Previous statement date: 1 Aug, Closing Balance Rs 10,000 Current Statement Date: 1 Sep, Due Date: 18 Aug, Payment: Rs 10,000 on 15 Aug. Rs 10,000 will attract interest from 2 Aug to 14 Aug (for 13 days in Aug which has 31 days).^
*Does not include Cash transactions
^ Interest debited in this case will be = Rs 10,000 x 3.10% x 13/31 = Rs 130