Investment Services*

When you are at the highest echelons of success it is that much more important to have the right financials partners, who assist in maintaining and building wealth. The challenge of navigating complex and unpredictable capital markets can only be met with utmost focus, planning and discipline.

Standard Chartered Bank, using over 150 years of expertise, promises to guide you through the world of investment opportunities in India. From the shortest term deployment of funds to planning your retirement, we pledge to go the extra mile to help you reach your chosen financial goals.


We offer a wide range of professional services with a team of trained, experienced professionals. Our team has a Wide capital markets and investment advisory experience and is dedicated to making your investments work for you.

  • Consolidated portfolio statements of all your mutual fund investments
  • Direct credit/debit facilities for all your investments
  • Periodic meetings with leading fund managers and industry experts
  • SCIS Research Edge
  • Broader relationship management offerings like Excel Banking or Priority Banking subject to minimum threshold
Investment Process

Our well established and robust investment process is specially designed to give you the best possible investment experience. We understand your financial and risk profile through need analysis and then help you select the right asset allocation and products to match your needs followed by regular portfolio review and rebalancing.

Investment Process

Fixed Income Bonds*

We now offer a wide range of Fixed Income securities (Bonds) denominated in Indian Rupees such as:

Key benefits

We offer a wide range of professional services with a team of trained, experienced professionals. Our team has a Wide capital markets and investment advisory experience and is dedicated to making your investments work for you.

  • Short dated securities like Commercial Paper, Bank Certificates of Deposits and Government of India Treasury Bills (Tenors shorter than 1 year)
  • Long dated securities like Private Sector and Public Sector Corporate Bonds and Government of India securities (Tenors longer than 1 year)

This enables you to customize your Investments portfolio by leveraging the yield differentials across different tenors as well as different Issuers. In simple terms, you can now invest in a specific tenor security and a specific credit rating criteria.

Foreign Exchange Services

We present our suite of Standard Chartered Foreign Exchange Services - a Multi product, Multi Currency offering of to meet all your FX needs through a single window offered by a team of specialist resources.

A Total Foreign Exchange solution to cater to ALL your needs


With our Online and Offline remittance solutions you can transfer money from anywhere in the world to anywhere in India with abundant ease.

Hedging Instruments

A range of solutions to hedge the Foreign Exchange exposures on your India onshore investments / flows.

Dedicated Treasury Desk

A team of experienced Foreign Exchange dealers has been set up in Mumbai to cater to your needs. With substantial experience in areas of Foreign Exchange and other Financial Market products this unit assists you with:

  • Consultation on products / services best suited to meet your requirements
  • Easy access to market information on currency movements
  • Transaction execution at competitive prices
Dedicated Foreign Exchange area in onshore branches

To enable a Single Window experience and assist you with all your Foreign Exchange queries and execution, we have set up a specialized FX Desk in key India branches along with the services of a dedicated foreign exchange specialist.

Forex Rates

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Insurance Solutions

Life Insurance

Pure Protection
Term Insurance

Plans which offer protection for your family incaseof an unforeseen eventuality. These plans ensure the needs of your loved ones are taken care of.

Saving & Protection
Secure Child’s Future

Plan your child's future by saving and investing with the benefit of insurance. Child plans ensures payouts at regular intervals or specific terms ensuring that your child's dreams will be fulfilled.


Offering you investment cum insurance solutions which gives you the chance to reach your desired goals with flexibilities of liquidity and other benefits.

Plan for Retirement

Retirement is the golden era of one's life. Introducing retirement solutions to ease the financial burdens with regular income thus ensuring a care free life for you and your family.

Loan Protection

Protect your family with loan protector plans. In the event of the death of the bread earner of the family where the family has to bear the additional burdens of repayment of loans.

General Insurance

Health Insurance

Double Protect

Double Protect is a 2 years Comprehensive Health Insurance plan, for all members of your family. This plan reimburses Hospitalization expenses along with a host of unique benefits.

Family Good Health

A quality health insurance plan for you, your spouse, dependent children and dependent parents. It covers expenses incurred towards inpatient hospitalization due to illness/ diseases contracted or injury sustained by the insured person.

Health XS/ Super Health XS

Health XS/Super Health XS are the top-up plans which offer coverage much higher than the basic health insurance plan. Both the plans come with flexible deductibles and is priced much lower than your existing health insurance plans.

Critical Illness

A unique plan, designed to ensure that you are cushioned against financial adversity as a result of a critical illness. Receive the Sum Insured amount as a lump sum amount payable as a benefit under this policy, on claim.

Hospital Cash

This plan is an economical means to receive daily cash benefits in the event of hospitalization due to an accident or illness. The amount is paid in lump sum as per the plan

Major Surgeries
Surgical Shield

A comprehensive insurance cover that offers financial protection for hospitalized surgical treatments. Get cashless access to more than 3000 hospitals throughout India.

Home / Home content

Home Protector Plan is an innovative package of comprehensive Insurance plan designed to offer Home Building Insurance and Home contents Insurance.

Special features of this plan are Superior coverage at a nominal premium and minimum documentation.

General Insurance Disclaimer: Standard Chartered Bank, India is a licensed Corporate Agent Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited vide composite license number RSA: 1096736. Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance plans for Standard Chartered Bank customers are underwritten and issued by Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited. Claims will be settled by Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited as per the terms and conditions of the policy. The product details mentioned above are not a contract of Insurance. For more details or risk factors, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure carefully (or refer to the policy wordings), before concluding a sale. Please refer policy document for exact terms and conditions and specific details applicable to this Insurance. Standard Chartered Bank does not accept any responsibility nor gives any warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability and completeness of any statement made in or the omission of any provisions of the contract of Insurance and the Bank does not accept any liability for loss or damage of whatsoever nature, which may be attributable to your application, its receipt, payment of claims under it or the contract of Insurance. Your participation in this insurance product is purely on a voluntary basis. We advise you to take your own professional advice before you participate.

Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation.