About Dining Offers

Delicious Indian cuisine just got more appetising. Armed with a Standard Chartered Platinum Debit or Platinum Elite Credit Card, you can enjoy the best dining offers from the best restaurants and hotels around the country. Whether it's Gaylord in Mumbai, or The Clay Oven in Delhi, you can dine to your heart's content and also get attractive discounts. To put it simply, these dining offers are designed to appeal to food connoisseurs, giving them a taste of the best cuisine at the best possible price.

Standard Chartered Platinum Debit and Platinum Elite Credit Card Holders with a valid Dining Plus Card can enjoy dining discounts ranging from 3–25% off on MRP, apart from extended happy hours at many bar-restaurants. It's your ticket to the many palatable delights that India has to offer.
It's like being rewarded for something you would love doing every day.

So, the next time you're taking the family out to dinner, remember to take your Dining Plus Card along, and reap the rewards!