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Interested in earning for spending? Yes, Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card rewards you with cashback for your spends!

Get cashback up to Rs.18,000 with SC Smart Card

Interested in earning for spending? Yes, Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card rewards you with cashback for your spends!

Getting a cashback on transactions helps in saving money

Getting a cashback is, however, not guaranteed. It depends on the merchant’s promotional strategies. What if, however, you get a cashback on each transaction that you do?

Standard Chartered Smart Card offers attractive cashback whether you do the transaction online or offline. The cashback that you earn, when accumulated, can amount to Rs.18, 000^ in a year.

Here’s a look at how –

  • 2% flat ^cashback on online spends

The first cashback that the Smart Card offers is on online payments. If you use the card for any type of online transaction, you get a cashback of 2% on each transaction. Every month you can earn a maximum credit card cashback of up to Rs.1000 across your online transaction

What’s better is that there is no brand-centric affiliation. You get the same amount of cashback at whichever online payment that you do,

  • 1% flat^ cashback on offline spends

Not comfortable with online spends? Worry not, for your offline spends also qualifies for the credit card cashback. For every card swipe, you get a 1% cashback. The maximum cashback that you can earn is up to Rs.500 per month on your offline expenses except any fuel transactions

Besides the cashback, you also get an interest-free period of up to 90 days in your first credit card bill.

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The run-up to Rs.18,000 as your credit card cashback

Now that you know the cashback that you can earn, here’s a look at how you can earn up to Rs.18,000 in cashback throughout the year –

  • Online cashback – Rs.1000/month * 12 = Rs.12,000
    If you spend Rs.50,000 or above in a month, you can earn a maximum cashback of Rs.1000. This cashback, multiplied by 12, gives you an annual earning of Rs.12,000
  • Offline cashback – Rs.500 * 12 = Rs.6000
    If you spend Rs.50,000 or more through the offline mode, you earn a maximum cashback of Rs.500. this, multiplied by 12, gives an annual earning of Rs.6000

Yes, a total cashback of Rs.18,000 in a year.

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The icing on the cake

While you earn Rs.18,000 in cashback, you also get a reversal of the annual fee of Rs.499 when your spends exceed Rs.1.2 lakhs in a year from second year onwards. The credit card, therefore, becomes free and you can enjoy a refund every time you shop or pay your bills using the card.

Another beneficial feature of the credit card is its low-cost EMI conversion facility. You can convert your big purchases into affordable EMIs to pay for them affordably. If you choose a 3-month EMI^, no processing fee is charged. Moreover, the interest payable on the EMI is a only  0.99% per month. Cost-effective and affordable, don’t you think so? Terms & conditions apply.

Tap into the rewards offered and apply for the by Standard Chartered Smart Card and save money on every transaction that you do, however big or small.


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^Details of Smart card Terms & Conditions here