woman and baby standing outside

Flexible working… my version of a five-day working week

When her son was born, Su-ling Rugless changed the way she works to find an ideal balance


My work world

I’ve been working for the Bank for four years, as a Business Analyst in our Corporate & Institutional Banking division. Some days, my job requires me to meet with people from all over the business, and at other times I’m glued to my computer with more solitary work.


Half days give me family time

After I had my baby, I wanted to spend more time at home but didn’t want to stop working. I suggested to my line manager that I change my work arrangement to half days, Monday to Friday. I thought flexible working would be a good solution for both sides. I wouldn’t be away from my baby for whole days at a time, and I’d be in the office every day to attend meetings and keep pushing my projects along.

I feel like I’m achieving at work and at home

Working half days has been immensely helpful. I get to be back in the adult world, have adult conversation and interaction, and achieve things for myself. But I also spend a good amount of time with my son every day. I get to take him on play dates and am around to witness his little developments. Most of all, I love that our cuddle and playtime together happens daily. This would have to be limited to weekends if I worked full time and got home just in time to put him to bed.


A mindset change that’s worth it

When moving to half days, it’s easy to want to achieve the same amount of work as before. I found adjusting my own mindset challenging at first. I have to think carefully about how I spend my time in the office, so that I maximise my working hours. It’s possible because my workload is adjusted and achievable. I am thankful that I haven’t been forced to make the hard choice between working full time and giving up my job – I wouldn’t feel as satisfied with my life as I am right now.