Passion is priority: I wanted more out of life

Lyn Lee, one of our ‘Priority banking’ clients, on how a pair of movies inspired her to live a life with no regrets

If you have a demanding career and a busy family life, pursuing your passion can feel like an impossibility.

As a single mum working in a senior role for a multinational company, it seemed like there was no room for anything else. But I wanted to make sure I’d live a life with no regrets.

In 2015, I watched two films that really inspired me: Tracks, about Robyn Davidson’s trip across the Australian outback with four camels and a dog; and Wild, the story of Cheryl Strayed’s epic solo hike, which helped her recover from a personal tragedy.

It made me think about what I could do with my life. I wanted an adventure, to test myself physically, so I decided to climb a mountain, and to do it alone. Every step of my two-week trek in Bhutan was a meditative moment. At times the climb was tough, but I found myself connecting with Bhutan – a small country with a big purpose, just like my native Singapore.

Determination is everything

When I returned home, I felt compelled to create a service that would allow other people to have the experience I did. So I set out to create my own travel agency, Dragon Trails Bespoke Bhutan Tours.

My friends were concerned, saying I already had too much on my hands and would burn myself out, but that just made me more determined.

It’s been a year since I launched Dragon Trails. I now run sacred retreats, trekking expeditions and cultural tours to Bhutan, and will soon start an exchange programme, bringing together young people from Bhutan and Singapore. I’m able to run the company in my spare time, alongside my day job.

Don’t doubt yourself

My wish is to give back to Bhutan what it gave to me, and hopefully provide a contribution to the Bhutanese people that will really make a difference. I want to provide ‘travel with a purpose’, which I hope will foster meaningful connections between Bhutan and the rest of the world.

I’m reminded of the best piece of advice I ever received, which came from my mother: “Dream big and reach your potential. Never doubt yourself.”

Following that advice helped me pursue my passion.

As a Standard Chartered Priority Banking customer, Lyn has a dedicated relationship manager and access to specialist products and services, to help her make the most of her life. Click here to find out more about Priority banking.