It's almost like a wizard's magic wand. Each wizard has a wand that fits him best. Credit cards are quite like those wands (financial ones though), making your wishes come true.

It is hence quite imperative that you take utmost care while picking the perfect credit companion for your wallet. But when there is a deluge of cards to choose from, confusion often overpowers our judgment. Often one settles for less than what they deserve. So when it comes to choosing the best credit card, never hesitate to compare the returns and rewards you can receive. More so, when you know there is card that matches your lifestyle and spend-trends.

Standard Chartered offers not only a wide range of credit cards each best suited to a personality of the spender, but also enables an easy comparison of its credit cards. So whilst take a look at the long list of options, you can also use the credit card comparator tool to compare the benefits and features of the cards and identify the right match for you.

Choose the Right Card