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  • Your daily commute is now even more convenient and hassle-free. Just tap and pay for your public bus and train rides with your eligible Standard Chartered Mastercard® Contactless Credit Card. No top-ups needed. From 20 March to 30 November 2017, be rewarded when you tap and ride with your registered credit card.

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Get $10 cashback* each month when you spend a monthly minimum of $10 on public bus and train rides with your eligible Standard Chartered Mastercard® Contactless Credit Card. Limited to $30 cashback per cardholder.

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Win a month's worth of free rides for the preceding month# when you are one of the top 200 cardholders islandwide with the highest number of rides.

How It Works

Apple Pay
Step 1

Create an account

Visit to register an account.

Samsung Pay
Step 2

Add your card

Add your eligible Mastercard® Contactless Credit Card to your account on the TransitLink website.

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Step 3

Start using your card

Tap and ride on public buses and trains, three days after successful registration


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One card for
all spend
Samsung Pay
No need to
top up
Android Pay
No transaction


What does the Account-Based Ticketing allow me to do?

Mastercard® has, in conjunction with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and TransitLink, introduced Mastercard® contactless payments on public buses and trains. This enables commuters to use credit cards with the Mastercard® contactless function for fare payments. There will be no need for upfront top-ups as you will be using the credit limit of your credit card for fare payments.

How do I know if my Mastercard® card has the contactless function?

Please look out for the following PayPass™ logo or contactless symbol on the front or back of your card.

How can I check the history of the transactions that I have made?

Please refer to the TransitLink ABT Portal. TransitLink ABT Portal is an online portal that allows you to access your ABT Account to view your transaction/travel history, submit your claims and manage your cards. After registering your credit card, TransitLink will send you an email to activate your ABT Account before the pilot programme begins. You are strongly encouraged to activate the ABT Account as it allows you to view your transaction history and manage your card.

I have lost my registered credit card. How can I participate again?

You can register a new card for the ABT Pilot on the TransitLink ABT Portal. Please note you can only register up to 3 cards.

Why did I receive an error message when I tapped my wallet at the card reader at the train gantry or in the bus? Will the cards function properly if I have multiple cards in my wallet?

If you have more than one card that allows you to make contactless payment via any means (Mastercard® contactless cards, EZ-Link cards etc) in your wallet, you may experience an error. This may result in you being denied entry or exit, or charged the maximum fare more than once because multiple cards are presented. To avoid the error, please keep your registered Mastercard® contactless card separate and use the same registered card for any entry or exit at the card reader. Please be advised to prepare alternate payment options (EZ-Link card or cash) in case of any contingency as this is a pilot programme.

Is the service applicable to all public train and bus services?

Yes, you can pay for both train and public bus fares (basic and premium bus services) with your Mastercard® contactless card under the ABT Pilot. Fares for private buses cannot be paid for using your Mastercard® contactless card.

What if I am holding on to the Unlimited Credit Card Cashback which comes with the EZ-Link functionality? Is the payment mode automatically switched from EZ-Link functionality to contactless payment for purposes of the ABT?

If your Mastercard® contactless card also comes with EZ-Link/NETS FlashPay functionality, you will need to switch your card’s payment mode to contactless payment at the GTMs located in any train station 3 days after receiving the confirmation email. This switching should be completed prior to transit usage in order for you to participate in the ABT.

How do I get a refund for the balance amount on my existing EZ-Link purse?

For the Unlimited Credit Card with the EZ-Link functionality:

  1. If the EZ-Reload function has not been activated on your card: You may obtain an immediate refund at the TransitLink Ticket Office if the refund amount is less than $100. For refund of $100 and above, a deferred refund will be processed and your card will be retained. The deferred refund will take 21 days for payment via transfer to another EZ-Link card or to a bank account as stipulated by you.
  2. If the EZ-Reload function has been activated on your card: You will have to first terminate EZ-Reload at the TransitLink Ticket Office. After successful termination of EZ-Reload, you may visit the TransitLink Ticket Office to obtain an immediate refund if the amount is less than $100.

How will my transit fares be charged?

Transit fares will be aggregated and posted to your credit/debit card account as “TL-ABT” transactions after every 8 days or after a total of $15 is spent, whichever is earlier. If you need to view the detailed breakdown showing the individual fare amounts, please visit the TransitLink ABT Portal.

Why is there an earmarked amount on my card?

A pre-authorisation fee of S$0.10 will be initiated after a posting of payment is made to the card used at the point of boarding. The pre-authorised amount is reflected as the earmarked amount on your card.

How do I report discrepancies in my transactions/billings history?

You are able to file a travel claim for the credit cards that are linked to your ABT Account on the TransitLink ABT Portal. Claims can only be filed for transactions appearing in your credit/debit card account that bear a date falling no later than the date falling 14 days after the date of incident in question. Please visit TransitLink ABT Portal at for a full list of FAQs and further information on the ABT Pilot. For other enquiries on the Pilot or the ABT Portal, please contact the TransitLink Hotline at 1800 2255 663.

Terms and conditions:


*To be eligible for the Account Based Ticketing (ABT) Cashback 2017 Promotion held from 20 March to 30 November 2017 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotion Period”), eligible cardholders must successfully register their eligible credit card during the Promotion Period (such card a “Registered Card”) in the format stipulated on the website at and agree to be bound by the TransitLink Account Based Ticketing Pilot Terms and Conditions. Valid only for principal cardholders of Standard Chartered and MANHATTAN World Mastercard® Credit Cards, each with the Contactless feature ("Cards") issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited in Singapore (collectively, "Eligible Cardholders"). Card exclusions apply. Eligible Cardholders who meet the minimum spend requirement of $10 (“Minimum Spend”) in his/her total “TransitLink” transactions (“Qualifying Transactions”) in a single calendar month based on transaction date on his/her Registered Card (each calendar month falling within the Promotion Period is hereafter referred to as a “Qualifying Period”) is entitled to receive $10 cashback per Qualifying Period. Maximum cashback awarded under this Promotion is capped at $30 per Eligible Cardholder. Cashback awarded under this Promotion for each relevant Qualifying Period will be credited into the relevant Registered Card account by or on the 25th of the subsequent calendar month (with the exception of the first crediting). Click here for the full Account Based Ticketing (ABT) Cashback 2017 Promotion Terms and Conditions that apply, including details on card exclusions and eligible/excluded transactions.
# Valid from 20 March to 30 November 2017. Please refer to for details and terms and conditions.

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