Change the way you pay. Simply add your Standard Chartered UnionPay ATM Card to Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad, and make your ATM card as a default card for a faster, easier and more rewarding way to pay.

Standard Chartered ATM Card via UnionPay network that supports Apple Pay:


Easy to pay with Touch ID or Face ID. Paying in stores can now happen in one natural motion.


To ensure privacy, Apple doesn’t save nor share any of your ATM details or your transaction information.


Protect your accounts even if you lose your device. Reset your device to factory setting or activate ‘Lost Mode’ under ‘Find My iPhone’ to suspend Apple Pay.

Setup is simple with Apple Pay.

Store your credit & debit cards in the Wallet app to make payment via Apple Pay now.



Open the Wallet app

iPhone Wallet app


Tap the "+" sign on the top right

iPhone sign on


Use your camera to capture the card details (Or manually enter it)

iPhone wallet app


Make Standard Chartered UnionPay ATM Card the default card

iPhone Standard Chartered card

Apple Watch

Make Standard Chartered card the default card


Open the Watch app on your iPhone

Apple watch app


Tap "Wallet & Apple Pay"

 Wallet & Apple Pay


Tap "Add a Credit or Debit Card"

Credit or Debit Card


From there, follow the onscreen instructions



Applicable to iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3


Open settings, tap "Wallet & Apple Pay"

Wallet & Apple Pay


Then tap "Add a Credit or Debit Card"

Credit or Debit Card


From there, follow the onscreen instructions


An easier way to pay in stores and in apps.

In stores


Hold your iPhone near a contactless reader with your thumb on Touch ID followed by ATM card PIN input. Or you can double-click the Home button when your iPhone is locked to access Wallet and quickly make your purchase.

Apple Watch

Double-click the side button and hold the display of your Apple Watch up to the contactless reader followed by ATM card PIN input. A gentle tap and beep will confirm that your payment information was sent.

In apps

iPhone or iPad

Select the Apple Pay payment option at checkout, review your details, and place your finger on Touch ID and input ATM card PIN.


Use Apple Pay where contactless payments are accepted.

Apple Pay is accepted in grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants, hotels and so many places you already enjoy. You can also use Apple Pay to pay in some of the more popular apps in the App Store.

Look for the above symbols at checkout.


Will my Standard Chartered Card work with Apple Pay?

The following credit cards issued by Standard Chartered (Hong Kong) Bank are eligible to use Apple Pay: Standard Chartered Credit Card and its Co-branded Card, MANHATTAN Credit Card and its Co-branded Card (except Standard Chartered WorldMiles Card, Standard Chartered UnionPay Credit Card, Standard Chartered Business Card and Standard Chartered Corporate Card).

The following ATM cards issued by Standard Chartered (Hong Kong) Bank are eligible to use Apple Pay: Standard Chartered MARVEL ATM Card, Standard Chartered Disney ATM Card, Standard Chartered UnionPay Single Currency ATM Card and Standard Chartered UnionPay Dual Currency ATM Card (except any ATM Card under SME Banking).

Are there any additional costs associated with using Apple Pay?

No, we will not charge you for using Apple Pay.

Is my device ready for Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is currently made available by Apple on the following devices, running iOS 9.1 or later: 
In app and in store 
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X or later models; 
In store only 
Apple Watch when paired with an iPhone 5 or later model; 
In app only 
iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and iPad mini 3.

To learn more about the list of compatible Apple Pay devices, please visit

Where can I use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay can be used wherever you see the contactless payment symbol. 
You can also make in-app purchases on your compatible iPhone or iPad.

Can I load more than one Card?

Yes, Apple Pay allows a maximum of eight credit and/or ATM cards to be loaded to the Wallet.

How can I change my default credit card/ATM card?

The first credit/ATM card you load to Apple Pay will automatically become your default credit/ATM card. You can change your default credit/ATM card by opening Apple Pay app, and holding on a credit/ATM card and drag it to the front. You will receive a notification confirming your new default credit/ATM card setting.

How do I remove my credit card/ATM card from Apple Pay?

Launch Apple Pay, select the credit card/ATM card you want to remove, click "i" at the bottom right, and select "Remove Card".

How do I get a refund for something I purchased with Apple Pay?

If you need to return a purchase made with Apple Pay, you will have to bring along your physical credit /ATM card and request the merchant to issue the refund back on your credit/ATM card. 

For verification purposes, you may be asked to provide the last four digits of your Device Account Number to the merchant. This number can be found in the "Settings" menu in the Apple Pay app.

I am having a problem with my device's software or hardware. 

Please contact Apple Support hotline at (852) 2112 0099.

Is there any limit for transaction via ATM card?

All contactless payments and/or within app transaction payments made through your ATM Card will be subject to the maximum daily electronic payment limit (HK$50,000 per day at client level) applicable to Card holder. Besides, different merchants may have different setting in their contactless terminals. For more details, please check with merchants.

Security Tips

How secure is an Apple Pay transaction?

When making purchases, the Apple Pay app verifies your fingerprint through your 'Touch ID'. After you have added a credit/ATM card to Apple Pay, your credit/ATM card number will be converted into a Device Account Number (token) which is stored securely and use for Apple Pay transactions only. Your physical credit/ATM card number is not stored in the app (you can only view the last 4 digit of your card number). This adds additional security to protecting your credit/ATM card details.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is a method of replacing your sensitive payment credit/ATM card information (Card Number, Expiration Date, Security code, etc. (if applicable)) with a device-specific ‘Token’ which acts as a surrogate value. For Apple Pay, Tokens are used to protect your payment information and to reduce the security risks inherent to plastic credit/ATM card. Your credit/ATM card information is never stored in your phone.

Can anyone other than me pay for goods and services using my device?

Anyone with your device ‘Passcode’ or fingerprint registered to your device will be able to authorise transactions using your credit/ATM card with Apple Pay. 

You must keep your device safe and secure, and your device ‘Passcode’ secret. Do not let anyone else to have their fingerprint registered to your device while your credit/ATM card is registered with it.

My device has been lost or stolen and I want to delete or suspend my credit/ATM card. What should I do?

If your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad is lost or stolen, you can go to or use the “Find My iPhone” app to suspend or permanently remove your credit/ATM card record from that device. Your credit/ATM card will be suspended or removed from the device even if it is offline and not connect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network. 

You may also call Apple support hotline at (852) 2112-0099 and they will be able to remove your card(s) from your device. 

Alternatively, you can call us at the below hotlines to suspend or remove your credit/ATM card from Apple Pay:
Credit Card - (852) 2886 4111
ATM Card - (852) 2886 8888 or 2886 4111 (Press 6 > 1)

What if I lose my credit/ATM card?

If you lose your credit card, please contact us immediately at (852) 2886 4111. If you lose your ATM card, please contact us immediately at (852) 2886 8888 or 2886 4111.
Once your physical credit/ATM card has been deactivated, you will not be able to continue to use Apple Pay with this credit/ATM card. When we issue you a new credit/ATM card, you will need to register it with Apple Pay again.

What if my credit/ATM card is up for renewal?

If you have previously registered your credit card on Apple Pay, when your credit card is due to renewal, your replacement credit card will automatically be registered back to Apple Pay when you activate your renewal credit card.
If you have previously registered your ATM card on Apple Pay, when your ATM card is due to renewal, we will send you a renewal ATM card. Upon receiving the renewal ATM card, you are required to enrol your renewal ATM card.

If I receive a replacement credit/ATM card, do I need to update my credit/ATM card information with Apple Pay on my existing device?

If you lose your physical credit/ATM card and then receive a replacement credit/ATM card, you will need to remove the original credit/ATM card record from Apple Pay and register your new credit/ATM card again.

What happens when I reset, format or update my device?

When performing a factory data reset/ format or update, all payment information in Apple Pay will be deleted. You will need to set up and add your credit/ATM card information into Apple Pay again after your device has been reset.

If I send in my phone for repair, do I have to reset Apple Pay?

Please make sure to delete your credit/ATM card details from Apple Pay before sending your device for repair. All payment information in Apple Pay will be deleted after the repair and you will need to set up Apple Pay and add your payment credit/ATM card information again.

What happens if my device does not recognize my fingerprint?

Please contact Apple Support hotline at (852) 2112 0099.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication or NFC is a method of wirelessly transmitting data using radio waves. Apple Pay uses NFC to wirelessly transmit payment data to payment terminals with NFC readers that have been activated for use.