Earn 300,000 Asia Miles with a drawdown of HK$3,000,000 mortgage loan
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Mortgage Asia Miles Reward

Fly sooner with Standard Chartered Mortgage Services and earn Asia Miles all the way

Having a mortgage with Standard Chartered is now more exciting than ever with the launch of our brand new Asia MilesTM rewards!

Promotion Period: 1 June – 31 December 2017

Mortgage Drawdown Subsidy1 – Up to 1%

Apply and subsequently drawdown the mortgage loan within the Promotion Period to get a subsidy of up to 1% of the drawdown amount. You can even choose to receive the subsidy in Asia MilesTM, cash or a combination of both2:

For every HK$100,000 Eligible Loan Amount3 Asia Miles


Cash Subsidy

Up to 1%


Here are examples of your Asia Miles rewards:
Mortgage Loan Drawdown Amount HK$3,000,000 HK$4,000,000 HK$8,000,000
Mortgage Drawdown Subsidy 300,000 400,000 800,000

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  1. For each eligible mortgage loan, the maximum amount of cash rebate (including cash and other forms of incentives which can be quantifiable into cash or cash equivalents) (“Rebate”) for all prevailing offers (including this offer) are capped at 1% of the Eligible Loan Amount (as defined in clause 3). If the sum of Rebate is greater than 1% of the Eligible Loan Amount, the Rebate for all prevailing offer(s) (including this offer), will be included in the loan amount for the calculation of Loan-to-value ratio (LTV). The actual Rebate each Subsidy Eligible Client is entitled to is subject to Eligible Loan amount, the percentage of Rebate entitlement and the amount of Rebate awarded in terms of Asia Miles (i.e. for every HK$100,000 Eligible Loan Amount will be rewarded with 10,000 Asia Miles). For the avoidance of doubt, whether the Rebate is awarded in cash or Asia Miles, it will be subject to the maximum amount of Eligible Loan Amount times the percentage of Rebate entitlement.
  2. Subsidy Eligible Clients can choose to receive the Subsidy in full in the form of Asia Miles or in the form of cash; or partly in the form of Asia Miles and partly in the form of cash. For the avoidance of doubt, for the amount of Eligible Loan Amount in respect of which Subsidy Eligible Clients choose to receive the Subsidy in the form of Asia Miles, Asia Miles will be awarded in lieu of cash. Payment of cash or award of Asia Miles, will be in strict compliance with the requirement set out by Hong Kong Monetary Authority. If a Subsidy Eligible Client chooses to receive full of or part of the Subsidy in the form of Asia Miles, he/she needs to indicate so and the amount of Eligible Loan Amount in respect of which he/she wishes to receive the Subsidy in the form of Asia Miles (“Asia Miles Eligible Loan Amount”, which must be in a multiple of HK$100,000) in the Letter of Confirmation (“LOC”). Such indication on the LOC will be final and binding and any subsequent change is not allowed.
  3. “Eligible Loan Amount” is (i) the final mortgage loan amount/top-up amount draw down (whichever applicable) or (ii) the normal permissible loan to value ceilings of the net purchase price or (iii) the normal permissible loan to value ceilings of the valuation of the property (whichever is the lowest).
  4. Terms and Conditions of Asia Miles apply for redemption and/or use of Asia Miles. For details, please visit www.asiamiles.com. The Bank is not obliged to notify you of any changes or latest announcements of Asia Miles.
  5. Interest rate as low as the Bank’s Hong Kong Dollar Prime Rate minus 3.0% p.a. or 1-month Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate plus 1.4% p.a. Rate quoted is indicative information only.

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All the above offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions.

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