User-friendly and designed specifically to meet the needs of SME businesses, Straight2Bank lets you perform many key business functions with ease, such as cash management, local and international payments, trade and payroll transactions, as well as foreign exchange transactions.


Straight2Bank is a viable alternative to banking at the branch as it allows you global access and usage to enable cross-border trading with just one click. So wherever you are, you have the freedom to manage your business 24/7.


Customise the level of employee access to company accounts; design your payment, payroll and trade templates the way you want them; personalise your alerts so you only receive the information you need, when you need it. Coupled with enhanced security features, Straight2Bank offers both flexibility and peace of mind as you manage your business online.

What Exclusive Online Privileges Can You Have Using Straight2Bank?
Via Straight2Bank and Website Exclusive Online Privileges
Payment Types
Direct Credit (ACH) FREE funds transfers to other local banks
Book Transfer (BT) FREE funds transfers to other SCB HK accounts
Email Beneficiary Advising Services Send email notification to beneficiary
Fax Beneficiary Advising Services Send fax notification to beneficiary
Online Treasury (OLT) Services Support online foreign exchange (Forex) trading activities
Email Incoming Advice Services Send incoming advice to contact person by email
How Much Can You Save Using Straight2Bank?
Pricing Straight2Bank
Standard Pricing
Branches Save
Transactional Fee
Outward TT HKD160 HKD200 20%
Additional Telex Free for Non-Domicile Currency TT HKD50 HKD100 50%
CHATS/RTGS (Local TT) HKD150 HKD170 12%
Cashier Order (LBC) HKD40 HKD50 20%
Direct Credit (ACH) FREE N/A -
Book Transfer (BT) FREE N/A -
Email Beneficiary Advising Services FREE N/A -
Fax Beneficiary Advising Services FREE N/A -
Monthly Fee
Online Treasury (OLT) Services FREE N/A -
One Time Set Up Fee FREE N/A -
Email Incoming Advice Services FREE N/A -
Additional Vasco Token FREE for the 1st three tokens
HKD300 per token from fourth onward
N/A -

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