As a Standard Chartered Credit Cardholder, you can earn CashBack+ when you spend with your Qualified CashBack Cards*. To provide you with more flexibility, CashBack earned will not be automatically credited to your credit card account from 18 Feb 2014, but you can freely redeem Cash or gifts via our new Online Rewards Redemption Platform.

+ Cash Rebate or CashBack that the customers earned when spending with Qualified CashBack Cards share the same meaning as “CashBack” described here.
* Qualified CashBack Cards are Standard Chartered executive platinum Credit Card, Standard Chartered executive Credit Card, Standard Chartered / MANHATTAN Credit Card under CashBack Programme, Click-a-Count Titanium Credit Card, MANHATTAN Platinum Credit Card, MANHATTAN Titanium Credit Card and Standard Chartered Simply Cash Visa Card.

More about CashBack

More redemption choices
Manage CashBack flexibly
Display clearly on statement
  • More redemption choices

    You can choose to get your accumulated CashBack via the Online Rewards Redemption Platform. The minimum threshold for Cash redemption is HK$50 per account. Alternatively, you can maximize the value of your CashBack to redeem Extra Value offer including shopping vouchers and merchandises of a wide range of well-known brands.

  • Manage CashBack flexibly

    You can now combine CashBack from your Qualified CashBack cards* of Standard Chartered & MANHATTAN Credit Card to redeem your favourite gift in the CashBack Catalogue via the Online Rewards Redemption Platform.

  • Display clearly on statement

    You may view your accumulated CashBack amount on your monthly statement.

Online Redemption

Simply log on to the Online Rewards Redemption platform to redeem your favourite items.
If you are an existing user of Online Banking or Online 360° Rewards, please use your existing username and password to log on. For new user, please follow below steps to register and gain access.

Existing Standard Chartered Online Banking or Online 360° Rewards users


New Standard Chartered Online Banking or Online 360° Rewards users


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Terms and Conditions

CashBack is earned in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions under the CashBack Programme for each Qualified CashBack Card. Notwithstanding any such terms and conditions or other relevant documents, any CashBack earned under a Qualified CashBack Card account would not be automatically credited to the relevant account. Cardholder has to access the online redemption platform for CashBack redemption and usage. At the option of the cardholder designating a selected amount subject to clause 39, CashBack may be redeemed as cash and credited to the cardholder’s relevant Qualified CashBack Card account, or alternatively, cardholder may redeem CashBack by choosing among the Products or offers under the CashBack catalogue on the online redemption platform.
The minimum threshold for CashBack redemption is HK$50 per account.
Cardholder can combine CashBack earned by the Cardholder under his/her Qualified CashBack Cards (including principal and supplementary card) for Redemption, if the Bank allows.
No expiry period for accumulation of CashBack unless otherwise specified in relevant promotion terms and conditions and the expiry date will be shown in the statement. Any changes to the accumulation period will be announced by the Bank from time to time and the same will be final.

Please click here for full set of Terms and Conditions and FAQ .