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Hk corporate partners promo
Hk corporate partners promo

List of Forms and Documents

Business Banking, Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking

Use of Customer Data for Direct Marketing Consent Form​

Business Instalment Loan/ SME Loan Guarantee Scheme/ SME Financing Guarantee Scheme
Business Instalment Loan Bundled Form [PDF]
Business Instalment Loan Board Minutes Extract [PDF]
Business Mortgage
Business Mortgage Application Form [PDF]
Business Mortgage Board Minutes Extract [PDF]
Cash Management
Company Account Opening Form [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist For Sole-Proprietorship [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist For Partnership [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist For Limited Companies [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist For Society / Association [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist For Owners Incorporation [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist For Companies Incorporated In BVI, Cayman Island Samoa, Bermuda, Seychelles, Belize [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist for Companies Incorporated In China [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist for Companies Incorporated In Taiwan [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist for Companies Incorporated In Other Countries/Regions (except in China, Taiwan, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Samoa or Seychelles) [PDF]
Account Opening Checklist and Guide summary [PDF]
Account Opening Supplement Form (AOFS) for Sole Proprietor [PDF]
Services Application Form for Business Banking [PDF]
Change of Contact Information Form for Company Client [PDF]
Change of Mandate for Combined Signatories [PDF]
Change of Mandate for Part A_B Signatories [PDF]
Payroll & Employee Services
Payroll Services Application Package [PDF]
Secured Business Overdraft
Secured Business Overdraft Application Form [PDF]
Secured Business Overdraft Board Minutes [PDF]
360º Business Rewards Programme
Standard Chartered UnionPay ATM Card Application Form [PDF]
Standard Chartered UnionPay ATM Card Board Minutes [PDF]
Straight2Bank Service Application Form (Hong Kong) [PDF]
Straight2Bank Service Maintenance Form (Hong Kong) [PDF]
Corporate Clients
Bar-coded Trade Forms *new* [PDF] (Open with IE8 or above)
Application for Issuance of Guarantee (BG) / Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) [PDF]
Application for Amendment of Guarantee (BG) / Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) [PDF]
Application for Issuance of Letter of Credit (LC) / Back to Back Letter of Credit (B2BLC) [PDF]
Application for Amendment of Letter of Credit (LC) / Back to Back Letter of Credit (B2BLC) [PDF]
Application for Documentary Presentation under Export Letter of Credit (LC) [PDF]
Application for Export Bills for Collection [PDF]
Application for Export Invoice Financing / Pre-Shipment Financing [PDF]
Appendix of Summary Invoices for Export Invoice Financing [PDF]
Application for Loan Against Trust Receipt / Import Loan / Import Invoice Financing / Proforma Invoice Financing [PDF]
Appendix of Summary Invoices for Import Invoice Financing [PDF]
Application for Issuance of Shipping Guarantee [PDF]
Application for Transfer of Letter of Credit (LC) [PDF]
Export Transaction Application (Direct Presentation) [PDF]
Pledge and Trust Receipt [PDF]
Indemnity [PDF]
Bill of Exchange [PDF]
Notification of Receivables [PDF]
Request for Prepayment under the Receivables Purchase Facility [PDF]
Notification of Credit Notes [PDF]
Trade Services Schedule of Standard Charges [PDF]
Notice of Change in Trade Services Fee [PDF]
General Trade Terms [For Reference Only]
General Trade Terms Country Supplement Hong Kong [For Reference Only]
Other Form
Amendment for SME Banking Services [PDF]
Cash Management Services Schedule of Charges [PDF]
 Use of Customer Data for Direct Marketing Consent Form [PDF]
Remittance Request Form [PDF]
Tele-electronic Banking Services – Online Banking Daily Transfer Limits Update Form [PDF]