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Help Centre – Online Securities Service

Online Securities Service related FAQs

Online Service Features FAQs

  • It provides the following key features:

    • Instant securities trading
    • Order Watching Services Good-till-Today
    • Comprehensive order types such as Morning At-Auction Limit Order, Enhanced Limit Order/
    • CAS At-Auction Limit Order, Market Order and Stop Loss Order
    • Instant order confirmation via email or SMS (pre-registration required)
    • Comprehensive stock portfolio overview
    • Instant available purchasing power
    • Detailed real time stock quote
    • Latest market information
    • Corporate Action

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  • Currently, you can trade all securities listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK), Shanghai A shares under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, equities securities and ETFs listed in NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), NYSE AMEX, NYSE ARCA and BATS through our Online Securities Services.

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  • Yes, you can trade GEM stocks through our Online Securities Trading Platform. Yet for some customers who have opened the securities account in early years, in which the account opening documents did not cover relevant Risk Disclosure Statements regarding GEM, they need to sign up separate Risk Disclosure Statements before being able to trade GEM stocks (this restriction applies on both Online Securities Trading and Phone channel). Please contact our Securities Services Hotline at 2886 6266 or visit any one of our branches if you have any questions.

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Benefits via Online Securities Services FAQs

  • Online trading allows you to get access to important trading information before you make an investment decision, e.g. your stock holdings, Available Purchasing Power and the latest stock price movement.

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  • Yes, you can enjoy unlimited free basic real-time quotes. A number of FREE real-time detailed quotes are also available for your use once signing up our Online Securities Services, depending on your banking relationship with us.

    Please refer to the below table:

    Monthly Free real-time detailed quote:
    Banking Relationship Package Free Real-Time Detailed Quotes per Calendar Month
    Priority Banking 1,000
    Premium Banking 500
    Easy Banking & Non-Relationship Package 200

    Bonus FREE real-time detailed quote:

    Each successful trade will give you an additional 100 FREE real-time detailed quotes in the month you trade. The more you trade, the more bonus FREE real-time detailed quote you can earn. Please note that all your executed orders placed through the same channel (online or phone) on the same stock and same instruction side in one trading day are considered as one executed trade.

    Any unused bonus free real-time detailed quotes earned in a month will expire at the end of the following second month.

    The number of free real-time detailed quotes you are entitled in the month will be reflected in the “Unused Quote” of the Online Securities Trading screen on or before the 3rd business day of the month.

    The following will be taken into account when deriving your monthly entitlement:

    • the monthly entitled free real-time detailed quotes of your banking relationship package,
    • the bonus free real-time detailed quotes you earned in the last month but not yet used (if any), and
    • the real-time detailed quotes you used in last month (if any).

    Our Online Securities Trading System assists you to monitor your entitled free detailed quotes for the month. It will display the 1st alert message upon your remaining number of free real-time detailed quotes falls to ’10’; and will display the 2nd alert message upon all your free real-time detailed quotes have been used up.

    Customer’s real-time detailed quote usage in a month that exceeds customer’s entitled free detailed quotes for the month is subject to a charge according to our Service Charges schedule.

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  • Yes, the Bank has arranged a registered Information Vendor of HKEx Information Services Limited to provide professional and comprehensive market information. You can enquire the information under “Market Express” on the left navigation menu.

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