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The complete guide to furthering study abroad

The complete guide to furthering study abroad

Unleash your potential to soar to greater heights

Pursuing further education, whether as a mean to gain a competitive edge, to broaden horizons or simply to experience campus life, offers you a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and connections. It stands as a vital pathway towards achieving a fulfilling life.

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

As Hong Kong continues to attract global talents and the job market tightens post-pandemic, competition within Hong Kong workplace is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, studying abroad, which has long been favoured by Hong Kong people, has demonstrated heightened value in recent years.

The advantages of studying abroad are numerous, including:

Improving language proficiency: Daily class sessions and interactions with locals and classmates from diverse backgrounds often result in rapid improvement in foreign language skills.

Broadening perspectives: Cross-culture experiences help deepen the understanding of diverse cultural norms, values and habits. This fosters open-mindedness, adaptability and understanding of new concepts in the future.

Expanding horizons: Overseas universities boast advanced facilities, exceptional teaching faculties and abundant academic resources. They offer everyone the opportunity to access the latest knowledge and research to broaden their academic horizons and elevate their academic standards.

Expanding networks: Interaction with classmates and friends from around the world builds international connections. This provides not only collaboration and career opportunities, but also broaden our perspectives on different countries and cultures.

Cultivating independence: Managing day-to-day life independently abroad, from accommodation to daily challenges, create individuals that are more self-sufficient and mature.

Enhance employability: The experience of studying abroad adds an international perspective and multicultural background to our resume, which is highly competitive in the era of globalisation. International students are more likely to be favoured by global enterprises and organisations, often leading to internships and career opportunities in multinational corporations.

In summary, studying abroad not only offers academic opportunities and growth but also enriches life experiences, expands horizons and relationships as well as provides an advantage in future career development.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Taking the four most popular countries for Hong Kong people as examples, tuition and living expenses typically range between HKD250,000 to HKD350,000, with additional consideration for local taxes.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost to study in these popular countries:

Personal Loans - A great helper for your self-Improvement plan

Enthusiastic about the benefits of studying abroad and understand about the costs involved but lack the necessary funds for yourself or your child’s education? You may consider taking a personal loan. Similar to a home loan, the strategic use of personal loans helps set a path for the life you envision.

Our personal loans come with generous CashBack rewards and other promotional offers. Utilise our Personal Loan calculator now to select your preferred repayment periods and insert other personal requirements to calculate your actual monthly payment and average monthly interest. Your repayment period can be extended up to 60 months and the whole loan application process can be completed easily online. Selected clients may be exempted from submitting documents (no proof of income and TU needed). They can also enjoy instant loan approval (in seconds) as well as other promotional offers.

At the same time, you may also consider signing up for our specially curated Overseas Study Insurance which provides comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind.

Remember to visit the Investor and Financial Education Council website for more financial tips on sending your children to study abroad.

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