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Ways to bank payment services masthead

Standard Chartered offers a wide range of payment services that provide you with greater convenience and ensure you don’t inadvertently miss a bill.

Bill Payments

Settling your HKD bills is now quick and easy through:


Through our one-stop, one-account convenience, you can set up Autopay free of charge to settle your recurring bills from selected merchants, relieving you of the hassle of keeping track of due dates:

  • Simply contact us through phone banking, or call us on (852)2886-8868 with your bill account numbers ready*, or
  • Choose to complete the Autopay Authorisation form and send to us using the following methods:
    • Mail
    • Branch Drop Box
    • Approach any of our branch staff for assistance

*Applicable to these merchants:

  • CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd.
  • CSL Ltd.
  • Government of the Hong Kong SAR (Government Rent)
  • Government of the Hong Kong SAR (Rates/Rent)
  • Government of the Hong Kong SAR (Water & Sewage Charges)
  • Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited
    • Business & Residential Tel
    • nowTV
  • Hutchison Global Communications Limited (Broadband service)
  • Hutchison Telecommunications (HK) Ltd. (3 Hong Kong)
  • i-CABLE Telecom Limited
  • The Hong Kong & China Gas Co. Ltd.
  • The Hongkong Electric Co. Ltd.
  • SmarTone Mobile Communications Ltd.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a debtor reference code?
    A debtor reference code is the number assigned by the merchant against your bill. For example, loan account number, mobile phone number, customer number etc.
  • How to check my debtor reference code?
    The number is usually shown on the bill you receive from the merchant. As it is assigned by the merchant, you should call the merchant to double check.
  • What is the time required to set up a Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) or Autopay?
    Usually 6 to 8 weeks upon receipt of the Autopay Authorisation form.
  • How to make sure that the DDA/Autopay has been set up successfully with the merchant?
    “AUTOPAY” will usually be shown on your bill.
  • Do I need to set a limit and expiry date?
    Limit and expiry date are not mandatory, and you can choose to indicate them or not. For your protection, if the Autopay set up instruction is sent in through phone, the limit shall be HKD$10,000 at most.


Online Banking and SC Mobile

Enjoy convenient HKD bill payment for more than 700 different merchants through our Online Banking and SC Mobile .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I pay more than 1 bill payees at once?
    You can select up to 5 bill payees and pay at once.
  • Can I settle non-HKD bill?
    Only bills in HKD denomination can be settled via Bill Payment service of our Online Banking. If you would like to settle non-HKD bill via Online Banking, please check with your Participating Merchant for the HKD equivalent amount of the bill before effecting bill payment request. The bill payment system will debit your HKD account for payment.
  • What are the bill payment transfer limits?
    You can refer transfer limits here. For your online security, your transfer limit of “Bill Payment to designated merchants” will be reset to HKD0 if you have not successfully performed this type of transfer for the past 13 months. In case that your transfer limit was reset to HK$0, please increase your transfer limit in advance.
  • Is there any daily payment execution limit between Online Banking and SC Mobile?
    You can use your deposit accounts and credit cards to pay up to 10 payments (including scheduled forward-date payment) per day on each bill number between Online Banking and SC Mobile.


Automated Banking Services

Our Automated Banking Services allow you to pay your bills at more than 1,900 Standard Chartered and JETCO ATMs using your ATM card.


Standing Instruction

Simply place a Standing Instruction through your account and we will effect regular payments of a fixed amount for you. This will free you from the chore of repeating the same instruction.

  • Payments can be in HKD or any other available currencies
  • Priority Banking customers will enjoy waiver of the one-time set up fee



Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I fill out the Remittance Application form in Chinese?
    You cannot fill in the form in Chinese. If you wish to submit a remittance instruction in Chinese, you may do so via online banking. If the remitted funds are in USD currency, the beneficiary name and other information must be in English, whether it’s submitted online or through our branches.
  • What are SHA, OUR, and BEN in remittance charges options?
    These are codes representing how to arrange for the local and overseas bank charges.

    • By choosing “SHA”, the bank charges incurred locally will be paid by you as the remitter. The overseas bank charges will be paid by the beneficiary. Therefore, the overseas bank charges will be deducted from proceeds and the beneficiary will receive the remaining amount net of overseas bank charges.
    • By choosing “BEN”, the beneficiary will pay both the local and overseas bank charges. Therefore, the beneficiary will only receive the remaining amount net of local and overseas bank charges.
    • By choosing “OUR”, the remitter will pay both the local and overseas bank charges. Therefore, the beneficiary will receive the whole amount of the remittance.

    The actual amount of overseas bank charges will depend on the beneficiary countries, zones and the route of the remittance.

  • Do I need to pre-register the remittance beneficiary before remitting funds to the beneficiary through Online Banking?
    You will have to register the beneficiary information such as the beneficiary bank name, account number and payee name under “Telegraphic Transfer” > “Add Telegraphic Transfer Payee” before you can remit funds to the person on Online Banking.

For enquiries, please visit your nearest branch.


Free Local Fund Transfer Between Banks

Standard Chartered offers free online local fund transfer to banks in Hong Kong via Online Banking through local clearing.