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Declaration and Undertaking of Registrant – HKSAR Government Scheme 6000

  1. I have read the following “Personal Information Collection Statement” and fully understand its content.
    Personal Information Collection StatementPurpose of Collection
    The information provided in this Form and other information that may be provided for the purposes of “Scheme $6,000” (“the Data”) will be used by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“the Government”) and its agents/contractors for one or more of the following purposes and any directly related purpose, in respect of “Scheme $6,000” and other scheme(s) if any operated for the same purpose as “Scheme $6,000” (hereinafter referred to “such scheme(s)”) :

    1. to process your registration and payment, if applicable, under such scheme(s) (including but not limited to the process(es) referred to in this Part) and if required, to communicate with you for matters relating to such scheme(s);
    2. to conduct matching between the Data and the personal data held by the Government including the Immigration Department to check your eligibility under such scheme(s);
    3. to administer such scheme(s) including but not limited to effecting payment to you, issuing written notifications to you and conducting the investigations referred to in paragraph 3 in this Part;
    4. for statistics purposes on the condition that the resulting statistics will not be made available in a form which will identify the data subjects or any of them; and
    5. any other purposes as may be required, authorized or permitted by law.

It is voluntary for you to supply the Data but if you fail to supply any of the data required by this Form, your registration may not be processed.

Classes of Transferees
The Data you provide may be disclosed to relevant bureaux and departments of the Government, their agents/contractors including but not limited to the Treasury, Immigration Department, Hongkong Post, Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, banks and other transferees and any other parties as stipulated in this Part for the purposes stated in this Form.

Access to Personal Data
Except where there is an exemption provided under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486), you have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data provided in this Form when the data have not been erased. Your right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of your personal data provided in this Form subject to payment of a fee.

Request and Enquiry
Your request for access to personal data or enquiry of personal data privacy policy should be addressed by fax (no. 3752 6641) or by post to “Personal Data Privacy Officer, Scheme $6,000 Secretariat, GPO Box 181234, Hong Kong”.

  1. I hereby authorize and consent to my bank as specified in this Form and its agents/contractors operating in or outside Hong Kong using my personal data in their possession including my name, Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card number, bank account number, contact telephone number and address; and releasing such data to the relevant bureaux and departments, including their agents/contractors, of the Government to process my registration and receipt of payment under such scheme(s) and for any purpose directly related to such purposes. Such bureaux/departments of the Government include, but are not limited to, the Treasury, Immigration Department, Hongkong Post, Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, and other relevant government offices involved in the administration and operation of such scheme(s).
  2. I also consent to the use of the Data for any checking and/or investigation relating to my registration and receipt of payment under such scheme(s) to be carried out by the relevant bureaux/departments of the Government mentioned in paragraph 2 above, including their agents and contractors, and that they may disclose the Data to any other parties if the disclosure is necessary for such checking and/or investigation.
  3. I also consent to the matching of the Data with my personal data held by the Immigration Department (including but not restricted to personal data kept under the Registration of Persons Ordinance (Cap. 177)) and/or other bureaux/departments and/or their agents/contractors in relation to my registration and receipt of payment under such scheme(s), and understand that the matching procedure is conducted for ascertaining whether I am eligible under such scheme(s) or not, and therefore I will not receive payment under such scheme(s) in case I am ineligible.
  4. I agree that the payment under such scheme(s) be effected to me directly into my bank account as specified in this Form. I also agree and undertake to notify the Government forthwith of any overpayment to me under such scheme(s) and refund the same to the Government. In this respect, I hereby authorize my bank to debit my bank account with such amount certified by the Government as overpayment.
  5. I declare that the Data is true and correct. I understand that if I knowingly or willfully make any false statement or withhold any information, or otherwise mislead the Government for the purpose of obtaining payments under such scheme(s), it will render me liable to prosecution.