Our Guaranteed Instalment Loan offers you ease to make the right business moves whenever you want:

  • No collateral required^
  • Loan amount as high as HK$3,000,000
  • Repayment period up to 60 months
  • Simple and convenient online application
  • 48-hour Express Approval Guarantee#
Smart Business BonusPack

Get interest rebates up to 10% by linking your other bank accounts with Smart Business BonusPack.
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Monthly interest rebates will be credited to your Business Instalment Loan repayment account every month based on your loan tenor starting from loan drawdown.

^ For limited companies, personal guarantees are required from major shareholders.

# The validity period of the Express Approval Guarantee starts at the time when the Express Approval Guarantee notification is sent and ends when the Preliminary Credit Assessment result is delivered to the customer. Only bank working days (Monday- Friday, except Saturday and public holidays) are considered. If the time period falls on a public holiday, the next working day will be used

Terms and Conditions

SME Loan Guarantee Scheme ("SGS")
  1. Please visit the web site of Trade and Industry Department for details.
  1. Terms & Conditions for Business Instalment Loan and Smart Business BonusPack:

    1. A maximum of 10 Hong Kong Dollar Current or Saving Account(s) (including the repayment account of Business Instalment Loan) of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited ("the Bank") can be linked to each Smart Business BonusPack. The name of such Account holders must be the same as the borrower in the Business Instalment Loan application. Only the balance of the linked Hong Kong Dollar Current or Savings Account(s) will be counted into the total balance of Smart Business BonusPack.
    2. If the customer early redeems the Business Instalment Loan, the Bank will charge the one-off administration fee of HK$300 from the customer's Business Instalment Loan Repayment Account.
    3. BusinessOne® and Marathon Savings Account cannot be linked to the Smart Business BonusPack.

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    Terms & Conditions of Business Instalment Loan

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  2. Terms & Conditions for Express Approval Guarantee:

    1. This Express Approval Guarantee is available only to applicants of the Business Instalment Loan (each, a "customer", and together, the "customers") from Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the "Bank"), and covers only applications received by the Bank for the Business Instalment Loan ("Application").
    2. All Applications shall be submitted to officers or agents designated by the Bank, together with all documents required by the Bank (collectively referred to as the "full set of documents"). The Bank shall in its sole discretion determine whether the full set of documents has been presented to the Bank together with the Application, and such determination shall be final and conclusive.
    3. If the Bank has determined that the Application submitted by a customer is accompanied by the full set of documents and fulfils such additional Terms and Conditions as may be determined by the Bank in its sole discretion, the Bank shall issue an Express Approval Guarantee notification advising the customer the credit assessment process has started.

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