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Clothing, Shirt, Face

Priority Banking Welcome Offer

Enjoy HKD4,000 Cash Rebate or 40,000 Miles by signing up for Priority Banking and depositing the first HKD1,000,000 new funds
Head, Person, Face

Easy Banking Account Opening Reward up to HKD300

Sign up for Easy Banking via SC Mobile App and complete missions to earn up to HKD300 cash rewards!
The card face of SC Cathay Mastercard and Tokyo Tower in Japan. used to promote SC Cathay Mastercard

Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard

New cardholders ^ can enjoy HKD1 = 1 Mile. Get ready to fly now!

Priority Banking Welcome Offer

New clients may enjoy up to HKD22,000 Cash Rebate or 220,000 Asia Miles.

Savings Promotion

Provide a wide range of savings offer for your choice and satisfy your needs

Premium Banking Welcome Offer

New Premium Banking clients can enjoy up to HKD1,300 Cash Rebate.

Banking Plans – Online Upgrade

Upgrade to Priority Banking and enjoy HKD1,500 cash rebate for the first HKD500K new funds

Easy Banking Welcome Offer

New clients open an account via SC Mobile App and complete missions can enjoy up to HKD300 cash reward!

Mobile Account Opening

Open an account and sign up for designated banking plan via SC Mobile to enjoy up to extra HKD500 Cash Rebate

Time Deposit Offers

Wide range of Time Deposit Offers for your selection

Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard®

Enjoy HKD1 = 1 Mile. Get ready to fly now!

Smart Card

Welcome offer HKD1,200 CashBack. Massive 5% CashBack and 3-month 0% Interest Instalment. No annual fees.

Realise your dreams with Personal Instalment Loan

Buy a car, renovate home or study abroad with daily interest as low as HKD10.

Recycle outstanding balances with Debt Consolidation Programme

Consolidate all your debts in one go and save up to 95% on interest expenses.

Credit Card Instant Loan

Fulfill your financial needs with Instant Loan in 30 seconds and earn up to HKD5,000 CashBack or 60,000 Asia Miles rewards.

Credit Card Statement Instalment Plan

Earn up to HKD1,550 CashBack or 18,600 Asia Miles rewards.

Credit card hot promotions

Enjoy year-round and the latest offers

FX Welcome Offer

Enjoy HK$100 welcome offer with an accumulated foreign exchange transaction of HK$10,000

Online Mutual Funds Account Opening

New clients enjoy 0% subscription fee on Online Banking or SC Mobile

Investment Clients’ Privileges

Standard Chartered Wealth Management brings you a wide range of investment product offers

MPF services

Partnering with Manulife, the No. 1 MPF Scheme Sponsor, for quality services

Home Insurance Offer

From now  enjoy 55% discount on the first year premium upon successful application for Allianz Home Protect

Travel Insurance Offer

From now  enjoy 40% discount upon successful application for Allianz Travel Protect single and annual plans

  • Limited-time offer for Children and below 18 years old: 50% premium discount

360o Rewards

Our 360° Rewards programme starts with your credit card spending and also rewards you with 360° Rewards Points on your deposits, investments, insurance, personal instalment loan and mortgage. What’s more, you can choose from earning 360° Rewards Points or Asia Miles with the respective credit card.

Together we build a green future

Join us to implement sustainable development goals through our green banking services.

Refer your friends now!

Enjoy unlimited rewards upon making successful online referrals

Mortgage Asia Miles Reward

Earn 400,000 Asia Miles with a drawdown of HKD4,000,000 mortgage loan

Asia Miles Rewards Registration

Enjoy superior travel privileges to start off your dream journey

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