Free ATM withdrawals to help you travel conveniently

Free ATM withdrawals to help you travel conveniently

Free ATM withdrawals to help you travel conveniently

Access money easily while overseas

  • Sometimes there’s no substitute for cash
  • Activate your ATM card for use abroad
  • Set a withdrawal limit before you go

Never worry about cash withdrawals on your holiday again!

In an increasingly globalised world, you’re probably travelling for work or pleasure several times a year. And everyone likes to try out the local cuisine, go sightseeing and take home souvenirs for their loved ones, all of which cost money. While credit cards can be used in most places, sometimes there’s no alternative but to use cash.

Thailand ranks among the top travel destinations for Hong Kongers, according to Zuji’s Outbound Travel Sentiment Index in 20161. This is a country where cash is needed for most daily necessities — like buying street food or taking a tuk-tuk.

With overseas ATM withdrawal services, you can travel without having to worry about running out of cash, or taking home too much foreign currency.

You can withdraw as much or as little money as you need.

Just make sure you remember to activate your ATM card for use abroad. 

For added security, remember to use online banking to set a maximum overseas ATM withdrawal daily limit that you are comfortable with, so that you can travel with peace of mind.

Overseas ATM withdrawals

Travel easy with convenient overseas ATM withdrawals

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