Mobile wallets make shopping easy and make every minute count

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Mobile wallets make shopping easy and make every minute count

Add Your Cards to Mobile Wallets Easily

  • Let technology make every minute count
  • Mobile wallets make shopping easy
  • Enjoy a more rewarding experience

Mobile Wallet

Everyone starts each day with 24 hours but somehow it never seems enough. What if technology could help make your precious minutes count for more?

According to a Morgan McKinley study in 20141, 84 percent of Hong Kongers work beyond their contracted hours.

With so little spare time, it makes sense to make every minute count, and one small change can make a big difference.

Take the mobile wallet. With a mobile wallet you can access all your cards via a touch-enabled app on your phone, save time and never have to worry about leaving your cards behind. Plus, you’ll never again experience the embarrassment of fumbling for your credit cards as the long queue behind you gets more and more impatient…

It only takes a few minutes to set up a mobile wallet and add your cards.

And having your cards all in one place is not the only benefit. A mobile wallet lets you make purchases on the go whether it’s via Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

A mobile wallet changes the way you pay — by bringing simplicity and convenience to everyday payments.

Now, all you need for your next shopping trip is a mobile phone!

Mobile wallet
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