Run errands easily on your daily commute

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Get your bills paid on the commute

Run errands easily on your daily commute

Banking on the go

  • Online banking is easy — wherever you are
  • 85 percent of Hong Kongers use digital services
  • Access your account with a single fingerprint


Banking On The Go

In today’s fast-paced world, time is precious when you’re always on the go.

We have all become adept at multitasking and making every minute count, whether that’s catching up on social media on the commute or paying our bills via mobile banking in between meetings.

In fact, some 85 percent of Hong Kongers use digital tools and services — which underlines the convenient appeal of banking online1.

Hong Kong has been named the world’s best city for commuters, according to a report by the South China Morning Post in 20142 . But it still makes sense to make the most of your journey by getting ahead with your banking — online.

Getting your bills paid on the commute and avoiding using your lunch hour to queue at the bank or run errands is appealing to everyone.

With mobile banking you can access a range of services anywhere and anytime.

To use mobile banking, all you need is your fingerprint to access your bank account — so say goodbye to typing in long, complicated passwords on the commute to work.

Convenience is key. Get the most out of every journey, whether it’s paying your bills in just a few minutes or even transferring funds securely while you are out and about.

Banking on the go

Enjoy all the convenience of banking on the go

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